Update 2.1 FAQ

Known Issues after update:

  • Sometimes opening Mystery Chests gives you rewards, but it appears that the Mystery Chest didn't open since the animation didn't play. Be assured that you did receive the rewards from the Mystery Chest and it is all safe and sound in your account.



What happened to the Mystery Chests and Mystery Keys?
The Mystery Chest was renamed the Rare Mystery Chest and the Mystery Keys were renamed Rare Mystery Keys. This is so we could add the Epic Mystery Chests and Keys!

The Epic Mystery Chest guarantees a hero and skin every time and there's a very small chance of hitting a 1 MILLION ICE jackpot. It costs more than the Rare Chest but it's much more reliable. Find all your chests now in the Market and pick the Mystery Chest that feels best to you.


How many cards are there in each Epic Mystery Chest?
6 Cards! This includes a guaranteed hero and skin every time. The Epic Mystery Chest contains every hero and skin sold in the Market and sometimes also includes unreleased skins!


What comes in the Epic Mystery Chest?
Each Epic Mystery Chest guarantees you get one hero and one skin, along with 20 Opals! Not only that but the chances of getting higher tiered skins is even greater. It also offers multiple jackpots, including a 100,000 ICE payout and a 1 MILLION ICE jackpot!


Was there any change made to the Rare Mystery Chest?
The Rare Mystery Chest will always contain all the heroes and skins sold in the Market, so it now includes more new skins. Otherwise, it's the same, including the 1 million Opals jackpot.



What is the Vainglory Supporter Badge?
We wanted to better honor those players who use their hard-earned money to support Vainglory and our company. So, we created the Supporter Badge, which is a special signifier that shows up on the VS screen of each match for the next 30 days after a purchase. If you prefer to not share this publicly, you can simply uncheck the Supporter Badge box to turn it off. Thanks for supporting the game!


What if I don't want to show off the Supporter Badge?
If you prefer to not share this publicly, you can simply uncheck the Supporter Badge box in the Market to turn it off. Thanks for supporting the game!


Is the Vainglory Supporter Badge Permanent?
No, the Supporter Badge sticks around for 30 days after your last ICE purchase. And you can turn it off from the ICE page of the Market if you don't want it to show for you.


Does the Vainglory Supporter Badge provide any sort of advantage over other players?
No. It is just to show our appreciation to the players.



Why did the Crystal Miner stop spawning?
Update 2.0 corrected a lot of player frustrations, especially around early-game snowballing. But since its release, we've received feedback from some players that they could no longer try to play aggressively or attempt enemy-side jungle invades at all. We do want aggressive play and hero comps to be a viable strategy (and to be fun), so we've changed the Crystal Miner to having only three lives. If you can kill the Crystal Miner three times, he won't respawn anymore. However, we've also made the Crystal Miner stronger, especially in the late game. This means that throughout the match, aggressive jungle strategies are possible, but are quite risky. We like that this strategy can be high risk, but with a high potential reward. We think these changes open up more possibilities and more excitement in each match, and we hope you agree!




What is the meaning of the expression 'Rubberbanding gold'?
Rubberbanding gold is when the losing team gets more gold per kill.


Is First Blood awarded to the enemy team if you die to The Fold?
If an enemy hero has dealt damage to you recently, then yes, they will be awarded First Blood. Otherwise, First Blood is not awarded until a hero participates in another hero's death.


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