Update 2.2 FAQ

What happened to the Crystal Miner?

Crystal Miner was renamed to the Crystal Sentry, as it's more fitting of a protector of your jungle.


Does the Daily Chests amount increase mean rewards decrease?

There are more daily chests. In fact, they are every 6 hours, so you can get 4 per day. The Daily Chest rewards don't scale up with season level anymore. Instead, you'll earn better rewards when you reach milestone sunlight levels.


What are the "special jackpot rewards" that I can get from Daily Chests?

You can win 6000 Glory from the Daily Chests, and you can even win some ICE, too!


Is it true that parties are now only matched against parties?

Yes. If you queue as a pre-made 3-man team, you will only match against other teams.


Where can I see win bonuses I get from Blitz Matches?

There currently is no visual representation.


Where is 5v5?

We started the discussion on 5v5 to fully include the community as we design it from the very beginning. Watch for future updates as the game mode begins to take shape.


Grumpjaw and his Ultimate, Stuffed (NOM! NOM!)

Reflex - Stuffed can be blocked by reflex blocks, but it must be used before it lands or you will still be eaten.

Phinn - Grumpjaw cannot eat Phinn since his perk makes him 'unstoppable', but Grumpjaw will tickle Phinn, causing him to laugh and get slowed!

Idris - Grumpjaw can eat a hero who Idris recently used Shimmer Strike on. They will both go into his belly, but Idris will jump out of both like normal.

Idris - If Idris Shimmer Strikes Grumpjaw as Grumpjaw tries to eat him, it will fail to eat Idris unless it hits before the immunity starts.

Lance - If Grumpjaw tries to eat Lance who has his Gythian Wall overdriven and is using it to become CC immune, Lance is not eaten.

Gwen - At no point does Gwen's Skedaddle work to block or end Grumpjaw's Stuffed Ultimate. Even if Gwen uses Skedaddle before it hits, she will still be eaten because the beginning of Stuffed is not a stun/root/silence/slow and Skedaddle only works to prevent those.

Grumpjaw - If Grumpjaw eats a Grumpjaw that has already eaten another hero, that Grumpjaw will be interrupted and cough up the hero before going into the other Grumpjaws belly. This is because the beginning of the second Grumpjaw's Stuffed interrupts the first Grumpjaw's Stuffed.

Grumpjaw - If two Grumpjaw's try to eat each other at the same time, they will both interrupt each other, so nothing happens.

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