Update 2.3 FAQ

---Passes & Boosts---

What happens to the Permanent Glory Booster?

The Permanent Glory Booster will remain active for players who have already purchased it. The option to purchase new boosts from the Market (including the Permanent Glory Boost) will be removed in Update 2.3. You may also still receive boosts from chest rewards.

What will happen if I purchased a Boost that continues beyond 2.3 release? Ex: A month long Boost?

They will remain active, and boosts will stack until they run out.

Would getting an All-Access Pass grant me access to Ranked if I don't own enough heroes?

Yes, All-Access Pass includes access to Ranked because the pass (albeit temporarily) gets you past the minimum of 8 required heroes. However, the requirement of account level 10 remains.

Will the All-Access Pass unlock Draft mode?

Draft mode is available in Ranked for player’s skill tier Hotness and above.

Can All-Access Passes be gifted?

The All-Access Pass cannot be gifted at this time.

Will there be separate passes available? Like Heroes only, Skins only, Boosts only (similar to the Charms only pass)?

Anything's possible! We'll first be interested in hearing player feedback about Passes during this Update 2.3 cycle.


---Charms (Taunts, Dances, etc.)---

Why are Charms only available as rentals?!

We've been sitting on Charms for long time but haven't had a player inventory for them. In Update 2.3, we saw an opportunity to PREVIEW this content by offering it as a time-limited Pass (new tech). This does not indicate you'll only be able to rent Charms; it just means it was the fastest way to get the fun to players now. As time goes on & more delivery mechanisms/tech come online (in the plan), we'll have more flexibility to present more options for many things, including Charms.

How often can I use my Charms in a match?

You can use Charms an unlimited number of times; however, taunts are subject to the same cooldowns as any other social ping. Additionally, the global voice over will mute for 20 seconds after use so that it can't be spammed.

Can I mute Charms?

Not by players at this time. However, the global voice over for each Charm will mute for 20 seconds after use so that it can't be spammed.

Can I use Charms in all match modes?

Yes, Charms are available to use in all match modes.

Will I be able to see a preview of each Charm before I decide to purchase?

Not at this time, though you can see many already in our social channels. All Charms are unlocked with the purchase of the Charms pass or All-Access Pass.

Do you think Charms will increase toxicity?

We think, and hope, that Charms will be an injection of fun and self-expression. It is possible they could be abused, but just like in-game chat, players need to be responsible for their behavior or risk getting reported as toxic by their peers.



How can I link my IGN to an API in-game? And do I get to pick which API or does SEMC choose?

SEMC will have newsfeed links to different APIs that will automatically populate with your IGN when you click on the link. Players are free to use other third-party websites that we don't list. They just need to enter in their IGN.

Can I turn off the vibrate functionality?


Can I use the Recommended Build Selector in Standard matches?

The build selector should be available in all game modes. And small tip: If you manually highlight an item in the Shop, that will make it the next Quick Buy item!

Can I modify the Build Selector?

There is a "Manual Build" option and if you manually highlight an item in the Shop, that will make it the next Quick Buy item!


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