I have seen the material around Talents in-game. But I cannot find it.

We have done a reveal of our upcoming feature: Talents. Currently this feature is coming soon. So stay tuned for more updates around when this feature will drop. Meanwhile, you can take your time to learn more about talents below.


What is the max level for Talents?

Rare talents can be leveled up 20 times. Epic talents 10 times. Legendary talents 5 times and have more game-changing effects.


Can I buy Talents directly?

You can get talents directly in the Market with Glory. If you don't have enough Glory, you can buy Glory with ICE. Glory is a much more precious commodity now and you may run low from time to time. If there’s a talent coin you need in the Pick 3 or an upgrade just out of reach, you can now buy Glory with ICE to ensure you don’t miss out. And if you don’t want to spend, just play matches to earn lots of Glory and focus on the 5-Hero Chest.


Why did you make Glory purchasable with ICE?

With the introduction of talents, Glory is a much more precious commodity. You'll be using Glory to acquire and upgrade lots of talents, and that Glory will run low and run out much more frequently for most players than in the past. We're making Glory available for ICE so that players have control of their own destiny: If you don't want to wait and build your Glory back up, you can buy Glory with ICE and never get temporarily stuck. If you don't want to spend, that's totally fine. Just play games to earn enough Glory for the talents and upgrades you want, and focus on the 5-Hero Chest, which rewards talents for the specific heroes you play — without you spending any money at all. And of course, talents are exclusive to our short BRAWL game modes. Talents are NOT available in our classic MOBA game modes, so spending money on ICE has zero impact on our standard casual and ranked Vainglory experiences.


I saw Talents in the game, but I cannot find it in the Marketplace.

What you saw was an introduction to Talents. Talents are currently Coming soon!


Will there be a separate "Talent-less" queue for players who prefer Brawl mode as a classic experience (or they will need to Party up with friends and all agree not to use them)?

All BRAWL game modes will include talents, although that's something we could consider for the future.


How come my favorite ability doesn't have a Talent associated with it?

Heroes have a wide range of talents, but we're not stopping here! Expect more talents in the releases ahead, and there's a good chance that ability you love will be included.


Will Talents ever change? And what happens to ones I've unlocked if they do?

It is definitely possible for talents to change the same way that hero and item balance can change. That said, we hope to keep things as consistent as possible. If you've unlocked a talent, that talent would remain unlocked even if some nuances were altered.


How much more powerful can Talents be?

Some talents are statistical boosts, while others have more dramatic or flashy effects. Typically, the Legendary talents are the most unusual or ability-altering. As you level up talents, they can become significantly more powerful, so definitely play for Glory and use the "5-Hero Chest" to earn talents!


Will 5v5 be a BRAWL game mode (with talents)?

The 5v5 MOBA game mode we are working on will NOT be a BRAWL game mode.


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