The 3 Quest Slots are Changing

We wanted to let everyone know that after update 2.5 hits, there will no longer be the same 3 quest slots to perform in order to get rewards, and that comes with some important* changes:

  • From now on the top slot will contain the 5-Hero Chest Quest which will show your progress and which heroes you've used so far on the way to complete it
  • The bottom slot will contain a visual progress indicator of your 1st win/3rd win/Sin 7 for your daily and weekly goals
  • The middle quest slot will now be the only quest slot which changes as you complete the quest, being replaced (after the timer) by a new quest

*Important: If you have any progress in quests in the top or bottom slots, you will lose your progress once downtime starts for the 2.5 update and you will not be able to complete those quests. Please understand that this is unavoidable, so be sure to focus on any quests in progress and attempt to complete them before the update hits later this month.


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