Update 2.5 FAQ

---Talents & BRAWL Mode---

Where can I learn more about Talents?

The Talent FAQ is right here!


What happened to my Quests?

Remember that the 3 Quest Slots have changed now that Talents are here!


What does the little trophy icon with a number below it when I play Blitz matches mean?

This is your personal Blitz Score that will track your Blitz performance over time.


In Brawl Mode, the Middle Sentry is always visible - does it give vision to nearby heroes or only when the Middle Sentry is attacked?

Yes, but the Middle Sentry has a very small vision radius, so you won't see heroes unless they are almost directly on top of the Middle Sentry.


I don't ever play BRAWL, but I do open Chests. Are chests less valuable to me, now?

We hope not! We definitely suggest you try out BRAWL game modes with talents to see if you enjoy them more now. Regardless, we think there's still a ton of value in the Mystery Chest for all players and hope you get the rewards you want most.



What's are the LPQ punishment changes & can I be banned if I'm put into LPQ repeatedly?

If you are a repeat offender, you can definitely face bans or account suspension. We don't discuss the nuances of the LPQ system so that it cannot be "gamed" by offending players.


Will I still lose Rank when I dodge a Ranked match?

Yes, if you dodge a Ranked match, you will lose progress roughly equal to if you lost that match. Don't dodge!


Does LPQ actually put players into a different queue altogether, or just adds additional queuing time?

The Low Priority Queue is essentially a "penalty box" where you have to wait out the timer and play your way back into the general queue environment. It's primarily a time gate.


So now, if I downvote a toxic player I won't see them in my next game since they will be in the LPQ with other trolls?

That's certainly the idea. If you are still seeing the same trolls in your matches by the time 2.6 hits, please give us that feedback. The new system may take a little time for you to feel the difference, but if you don't feel the difference, then we clearly have more work to do.



In the tutorial I can teleport while taking damage, why not in the normal game modes?

The tutorial is a learning tool. In normal game modes, leaving it that way during a fight is not something we'd see as a productive game mechanic.


What does, "Baptiste's Fear Effects have been updated" mean?

It's now more obvious when someone is feared by Baptiste.


Can I change back to the old ability style? I don't like the new selection indicators for skills that used to require a target before using.

Nope! It's that way for everyone now. We found that too many players were confused by how pre-targeted abilities worked, so we changed this behavior to help players understand better.


Am I able to see my enemy's item cooldowns?

You shouldn't! If you are seeing this, let us know so we can file a bug report!



When is the "Soft Reset" that was promised?

Update 2.6, which is the start of Summer season. Not this update.


Will there be a new update for the season change?

Yup! Update 2.6 will usher in Summer season.