Update 2.6 FAQ

--- Quests & Chests ---

How do I collect my rewards from the 1st/3rd/Sinister 7 wins slot?

These are automatically rewarded upon completion of the quest.


What happened to the 1st/3rd/Sinister 7 win notification and the 5 Hero Chest?

In Update 2.6, we returned all three quests spots based on player feedback. But you might not realize that quests now scroll! There's more awesome things waiting underneath the top three quests, including the 1st/3rd/Sin7 rewards!


Will Talent chests become permanent since they are no longer in Mystery Chests?

We will continue to get feedback from the player community. If players love 'em, then they are likely to stick around in current and new forms.


Will Talent coins also be removed from other sources, or only from Mystery Chests?

Talent coins were only removed from Rare & Epic Mystery chests in Update 2.6



--- Quick Messages ---

Can I mute the players that are now communicating 'too' much?

The standard mute option used for pings also works with quick messages.


How do I recommend an item to someone?

Pull up the Shop screen. Single-tap on an item, then tap on the purple "message" button. Then, select a teammate.


How can I tell my team about the cooldown on my item or ability?

Double tapping the item or ability that's on cooldown will prompt a broadcasted timer; however, using an ability or item that's not on cooldown will trigger it.


Will the quick messages have a time restriction between each usage?

Yes, they will. Using more than two messages in quick succession will trigger a spam cooldown.

'GLHF' can only be used during the first 60 seconds of a match.
'GG' can only be used after the Vain Crystal is shattered, or during match point in Blitz.


Where did the '?' ping in the top right go?

The '?' ping has been replaced with the Quick Message dropdown. Based on past player feedback, we don't think it will be missed!



--- Skins ---

Will all skins be available right after the update or will they be delayed?

This is answer to this is detailed in the update notes!



--- Misc. ---

Was the Eve of Harvest and Serpent Mask bug fixed?

Yes. It was actually hotfixed on the server side very soon after we discovered the bug, but the visual portion of the bug required a client side fix, which required an update. So this update fixes the visual portion.

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