Update 2.7 FAQ

--- Talent Upgrades Glory Refund ---

How can I be sure you refunded me the correct amount of Glory for Talents?

We calculated each player's refund individually based on the number of Talents they had upgraded.


Is there any announcement or message to remind me and let me know that my Talent coins have been refunded?

There will be a message reflecting your Talent Upgrades Glory Refund, if you received one.


Will you refund my Talent coins too or Upgrades only?

Only Glory upgrades are being refunded based on the new upgrade costs.


I did not get any glory refund, what can I do?

Did you upgrade any Talents? The refund was based on the number of Talents upgraded, on an individual basis.



--- Card Boxes ---

What happened to the Ice Box and Glory Box?

Card buying used to be an odd process that involved multiple boxes to choose from and a jumble of cards inside. We worked to create a clear and enjoyable way for players to get good cards.

Moving forward, we're consolidating card purchasing to one box to eliminate confusion over which box to open.

Here's how it works:

  • Unlocks 4 random cards
  • 1 Rare or better card guaranteed
  • Price: 399 Glory



--- Other ---

Why did you remove the "Play Casual" quest?

This quest was occurring too early for some players, which was frustrating for some new players.


Is Samuel's Malice & Verdict bug fixed?

Yes, Samuel's Malice & Verdict should work properly now. No more animation and cooldown with nothing to show for it.


Is Grace’s Benediction bug fixed this update so she no longer teleports with enemy hero during teleport?

She should no longer be flying to the enemy base as this has been fixed in the 2.7 update


Will the Talent price change again in the future?

We like where the Talent costs are now, but we'll continue to monitor the data and your feedback it to make sure it feels good.




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