Update 2.8 FAQ

--- General ---

Why are you not allowing us to logout when we are in LPQ?

The Low Priority Queue is supposed to be a deterrent sufficient to alter bad player behavior. But offending players would often just "kill time" or ignore LPQ by using secondary player accounts. By disabling logout during LPQ, it forces players to sit in the penalty box and play their way back into the game's good graces. We'll monitor this closely to see if it's effective in reducing player toxicity.


If I put a scout trap in a bush, does it give vision to the whole bush or just the area within the vision radius?

It gives vision to anything in the radius.


Since healing has been reduced, will minions deal the same amount of damage as before?

Some of the jungle values have changed. Please see the Update Notes for a full list of changes.


Will Healing Flask take one of my available slots, or will it be stored in an extra slot?

It will take up a slot, and it's a very valuable item that you'll likely hold onto until you need the room. For some heroes and builds, you'll likely keep it all match. For others, you may feel it's best to sell it in the late game to make room for another Tier 3 item. Experiment and see what you like best!


Can I re-purchase the Healing Flask from the Jungle shop?

Yes, you can re-buy it for 300 gold


Why is the Crystal Sentry acting different in Blitz mode?

In Blitz mode, the Allied (side) sentries will no longer protect allies in an area; they will just defend themselves. Objectives are tuned differently (or are entirely different) in Blitz to make that game mode the most fun possible.


Can I use a standard mouse and keyboard connected to my android device?

This answer may vary depending on the connected device. We hope so!


What does "start with a level juice in practice mode" mean?

A Level Juice item will be in your starting item inventory. All you have to do is tap on the item to increase your levels and learn your abilities faster! This way, you don't have to wait to practice your ultimate becuase it can be available almost instantly.


Is the outermost turret the first turret or the first three turrets?

The first turret


What is the difference between Elder Treant and Treant?

The Elder Treant is the middle treant in the jungle who is removed at 4 minutes when the Shop pops up. The Elder Treant is stronger and grants more gold.


By "spawn stage" do you mean Sanctuary?




--- Rank & Matchmaker Related ---

Why are you taking away the Rank I've worked so hard to reach? Is this another soft reset? Will it happen regularly from now on?

Each Vainglory season is a fresh challenge with new dynamics. Resetting players’ rank gives all players a chance to advance every season and show their true skill in an ever-evolving meta. And this season, we’re granting all players bonus progress on their Autumn rank based on prior Ranked performance for a head start.

By displaying last season’s rank to allies only on the match loading screen, players can take pride in showing off their latest milestone accomplishment, without worrying about the mid-season stress of displaying a rank that’s moving up and down. A seasonal-best rank is a symbol you’ve earned of your hard work and exceptional play — and it can serve as something aspirational to surpass in your current season. Aim to beat that rank number, and make Autumn your biggest accomplishment yet!


If the 1-Rank difference limit applies to Solo Queue, will it increase my matchmaker wait time?

The 1-Rank difference applies to Ranked parties queuing together, not solo queue.


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