Update 2.9 FAQ

--- General ---

Why is the 7 Days of Loot event only for new players?

We are testing this out with brand-new players, and if it works out well, we'd love to bring this to all players in the future.


If players already have heroes or skins during 7 Days of Loot rewards, will there be additional rewards?

Nope! But it's still lots of free stuff... so, we hope you enjoy the rewards you don't have.


Why are there so many new Lyra skins?

We wanted to celebrate the Autumn Festival with our players and draw inspiration from various styles of attire. Besides, three is better than one!


In Blitz, do I build stacks on the Crystal Sentry or does the Crystal Sentry build stacks on me?

Think of the Crystal Sentry as having a form of "Living Armor" (like Grumpjaw) in which the longer you are in combat with the Sentry, the more damage you'll deal to it, as it loses stacks of its resistances.


What does it mean that Petal’s Brambleboom Seed explosion is no longer considered ability damage?

It means it won't trigger things like slows from Frostburn and won't give you stacks of Dragon's Eye. The damage from the explosion will also not grant vision like other ability damage does.



--- Pierce & Breaker ---

Why the name changed from 'pierce' to 'breaker'?

While the calculation for pierce has been adjusted, the term pierce is still "pierce." The only place it's called "____breaker" is in the unique passives, where items with the same unique passive will not stack. The naming of unique passives is an initiative we'll be rolling out over the next few updates.


Does Armorbreaker stack, does Shieldbreaker stack?

Items with the same unique passive (such as Shieldbreaker) will not stack; the highest value of the unique passive will be taken instead. For example, if you have both Piercing Shard (12% shield pierce) and Broken Myth (30% shield pierce), the Shieldbreaker effect from Broken Myth (30% shield pierce) will be the amount of shield pierce you have.


What is the difference between Armorbreaker ignoring a percent of the enemy defense vs a percent of damage bypassing enemy defenses? Give me a concrete example please.

The old pierce formula took a percentage of the damage you were doing and dealt it as true damage instead, as in, if you have 30% shield pierce and are dealing 100 crystal damage to an enemy with 100 shield, you would deal 30 true damage, then the leftover 70 damage will be calculated by the enemy's 100 shield. This is inconsistent with how Bonesaw's shred effect works. The new pierce formula is in line with how Bonesaw's shred effect works, as in, if you have 30% shield pierce and the enemy has 100 shield, when you deal crystal damage to them, the damage will be calculated as if they had 70 shield.



--- Lifesteal & Vampirism ---

Why did you unify CP and WP Lifesteal?

This initiative looks to make hybrid characters or hybrid builds have an option for sustain. We will continue to explore this space in the following updates, and changes will be made accordingly to better align gameplay with our design goals and direction.


What is the difference between Lifesteal and Vampirism?

Vampirism is the unique name of the item effect that provides lifesteal. Lifesteal will stack with other sources of lifesteal, but Vampirism will not stack with other instances of Vampirism.


Why can't Vampirism be stacked?

Vampirism is an unique passive, and thus cannot be stacked. This is in line with other unique passives such as those provided by Spellfire, Dragon's Eye, Breaking Point, Tension Bow, etc. This is done to limit the amount of potential lifesteal in the game, which allows us the highlight heroes whose kits and identities are built around having lifesteal.


Will Aftershock's Lifesteal stack with Vampirism items?

Yes, all sources of lifesteal will stack with the Vampirism lifesteal effect except for other instances of Vampirism.


Can I stack Vampirism with the inherent Lifesteal of a hero like Krul or Glaive?

Yes, Vampirism provides lifesteal which stacks with other sources of lifesteal EXCEPT lifesteal from other instances of Vampirism.


Which instance of Vampirism percentage will be effective on me: the first item I purchased or the highest value?

The strongest effect of multiple instances of the same unique passive will be effective. In this case, Poisoned Shiv has Vampirism (8% lifesteal) and Serpent's Mask has Vampirism (10% lifesteal), so you would have 10% lifesteal from Vampirism.



--- Vision ---

Will there be adjustments to screen zoom to go along with the hero vision radius being increased by 50%?

It's a good question and something we can keep in mind. Not at this time.


Since ability damage now reveals enemy heroes, are there going to be any changes on heroes who had a revealing effect in their kits? (Gwen, Celeste) Are they less valuable/reliable now?

There are no immediate changes beyond what was detailed in the Update Notes, but it's something we'll keep an eye on.


Will Ability damage will reveal jungle monsters, including Kraken, to enemies?

It will reveal them to your team, not the enemy team.


Can I now use Adagio's A skill to check bushes since the first tick of damage is Ability damage?

Yes, it should reveal them.


Will Scout Traps hitting an enemy still reveal them for a certain period of time even though the damage is no longer considered Ability damage?

Yes, Scout Traps still apply a global reveal buff.


How will all these vision and ability reveal changes affect my Flicker/Kestrel/Taka play?

Stealth takes priority over the new Reveal states, so those heroes should feel the same.



--- Churnwalker ---

Which item paths / roles are suitable for Churnwalker?

Churnwalker is primarily a Captain. The recommended builds in-game should give you a good start, and be sure to read the in-game tips as well. Most importantly, encourage your teammates to attack targets you have chained to maximize this hero's potential, and hook as many things as possible. Have fun!


How many victims can be chained by Churnwalker's A ability?

The only limit is your creative playmaking skills! ... although we may revisit that before he appears in Vainglory 5v5.


What's the language Churnwalker speaks? What is he saying?

The Churn poisoned Martim Walker's mind and he now speaks its language. If you watch all the lore videos and read the lore carefully, there is enough information to translate and discern much of the Churn language.

Watch the videos here.




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