Update 2.10 FAQ

--- Team Badges ---

What 'prize pool' will Team Badge proceeds go to?

The team badges will support Vainglory8 Esports events across the globe, as well as special events at all levels of competition.


Can I turn off the Team Badge if I don't want to show it after I purchase it?

You cannot toggle Team Badges off after purchase. You can, however, buy a different
Team Badge to replace the previous one.


Where is my team's badge?

This is a new feature and so we only wanted to start with a select set, but it is good to know you want to see more!


If I buy a Team Badge later in the update, will it be prorated?

It will not be prorated.


Will my Team Badge be usable again in the future?

Your team badge will expire at the end of the year.

Which means your badges will only be there for about 2 months. We'll see what 2018 has in store!



--- Lorelai ---

Which item paths / roles are suitable for Lorelai? Could you make suggestions on playing her?

You generally only want to build crystal power on her, padded with some support items.
Lorelai can be flexed into any role, but her kit lends way to more of a captain role. She's best played as a backline support and will struggle against quick, hard engages.

All that said, the Lorelai hero designer prefers to play her out of the jungle! She can flex into just about anything.


What does 'Cleanse' mean exactly?

It means that Lorelai will purge/remove movement-impairing effects on the targeted allied hero.


Will Waterwall cleanse ALL negative effects, including Burn?

Waterwall will only cleanse movement-impairing effects, as removing debuffs would be too unforgiving to certain heroes' kits.


Could you please explain how Lorelai's heroic perk empowers her abilities? Is it a damage boost, duration boost, etc?

That’s Swell empowers her basic attacks. For her abilities Fish Food & Splash Down,
it reduces the delay before impact; Waterwall gains a stronger barrier.


If Waterwall's barrier is destroyed, will it 'burst' early and drop the pool, or will the pool be canceled?

The pool will always drop after the ability times out. The bubble cannot burst early.