Update 2.11 FAQ

--- General ---

Why did you take away my Gauntlet Venn Diagram?

Ardan has been a top pick for the past few updates, especially with the new health changes. While we love the plays that were made, the Echo and Gauntlet combo was unhealthy for the game on a number of levels.

  • First, while seeing the Venn Diagram was really cool, the possibility of as many as FOUR Gauntlets on the screen at once in a Casual mode could explode low-end devices.
  • Second, in terms of gameplay, carving up a teamfight into tiny safe areas was oppressive, and there's no amount of Reflex Blocks that could keep the experience from feeling terrible for other players.


Why did you change it where I tap outside the modal radius and it fires the ability instead of moving I hate this!

We thought this way felt better because bringing up a ability modal indicates the intention to use an ability, and some people were accidentally walking into enemies or turrets instead of firing their abilities.

Most important: You can turn this [Activate Abilities at Any Range] off in your settings if you prefer the old way!


At what time must I watch the live broadcast if I want to be eligible for the free Championship Catherine skin?

On Sunday, Dec. 17, a "Watch live" button will show up on your homescreen (PST), amongst the other announcements in rotation. This is the last day of Vainglory Worlds, the day of the Final match. Be sure to click the link at any time during its availability, watch the stream for at least 30 minutes, and, within 7 days, you will be the happy owner of every championship fan's soon-to-be favorite skin!


How much Rank will I lose for the Winter Season reset? Could you explain the mechanics?

You will be fully reset but will then be granted bonus progress in Winter based on your performance in the prior season. It's not the same for everyone.


Will this update add optimization for my iPhone X?

No, but it's coming soon. We're aiming for 2.12, ideally.


Is my iPhone X already running in 120Hz?

Yes! The iPhone X is running at a smooth 120Hz, as is the iPad Pro 2!



--- Onslaught ---

What is Onslaught?

Onslaught is a seasonal BRAWL game mode with escalating rounds of teamfighting action. Experience short-burst, intense matches using your favorite heroes and their talents.


What are the objectives for Onslaught? Is it kills, or points similar to Blitz?

Your team wins a round if you, or one of your teammates, is the last one standing in the round. The team who wins the best of 5 rounds wins the match. There is no respawn in Onslaught, so be sure to choose the best build and Talent for each round, and make it count!


What are the victory conditions for each round of Onslaught?

You win the round if someone on your team is the last one(s) alive.


I picked a Talent that only works with my Ult in the first round, now what!

You do not start at level 6 and therefore your ultimate will not be immediately available. Something to definitely consider when picking your first Talent for the first Round!


Can I change my hero after a round of Onslaught?

You can only select one hero per match, but if you have different talents for that hero, you will be able to select (or choose none) a different talent each round. Which talent you use -and when- will have a big impact on how that round plays out, as will how you choose to spend or save your gold.


What happens to my unspent gold each round?

Saving unspent gold is part of the strategy needed in Onslaught, and we encourage players to find out the best balance through trials. The less you spend, the more accrued gold you can use later. But, it also leaves you weaker in the early rounds. Assess your choices and your spending wisely!


Do I still get a gold bounty for killing enemy heroes? What about ambient gold?

No, but you get a set amount of gold at the start of each round, and unspent gold advances to the next rounds with interest. Spend it as you feel is best to help you reach victory through the Onslaught of your opponents!


Do we get random heroes (like Battle Royal) or we can choose our hero (like Blitz)?

You can select any hero to play Onslaught and you play all the rounds with that hero only.  You must select which talent you'll use before the match starts. Once everyone hits "ready," the match will start. Don't think for too long, though, as eventually the round will start whether you are ready or not. So, choose your best asset and take out anyone standing in your way to victory!

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