Golden Tickets and 5V5 FAQ

When is the 3.0 update?
Update 3.0 and Vainglory 5V5 Mode will drop in February 2018. Make sure you are pre-registered at for all the latest info, including the eventual announcement of the exact date.

Is the Founding 5V5 badge permanently applied?
The "Founding 5V5" badge will be a permanent addition to your account. Reminder: You do NOT need a Golden Ticket to get the Founding 5V5 badge. Simply pre-register at

When does the early access start for 5V5?
5V5 Early Access officially begins in Update 2.12. Some lucky players will also be accepted into a special Alpha testing group via Golden Tickets from pre-registering at

(Players who pre-register can be accepted into a number of different phases of Early Access, including alpha/beta testing and Update 2.12 access.) 


I won a Golden Ticket from an event with a Media, when will I get access?

We do not have a date to communicate to you at this time. Make sure to check in-game for Golden Ticket entitlement over the next few weeks.

Do I need a high specification device to play the 5V5?
If you are currently able to play Vainglory, you will be able to use the same device when 5V5 is released. We are not changing the required device specifications.

Are Golden Tickets unique to accounts or devices?
Golden Tickets are unique to the game account it was acquired on. Golden Tickets cannot be transferred.

I got multiple Golden Tickets. What does it mean? Can I share them with my other accounts or my friends?
It means you're super-lucky! However, one Golden Ticket is enough. Golden Tickets are non-transferable. Make sure to tell your friends to pre-register at because we're conducting many Golden Ticket drawings over time.

I got a Golden Ticket. Can I play 5V5 repeatedly during early access period? Or is it one 5V5 match per Golden Ticket?
Your Golden Ticket unlocks 5V5 Early Access, allowing you to play as much as you want!

I got a Golden Ticket. Can I create 5V5 content during the early access period?
Yes, you can create content with 5V5. Make sure to share your videos, articles, art and other creations with us!

I pre-registered for 5V5. But I already got a Golden Ticket by opening the Box in Market. If I receive early access invitation email, can you give me payback for the Box purchase?
If you get a second Golden Ticket, you're certainly super-lucky. Unfortunately, there will not be a box refund in that instance.

If I have a Golden Ticket and my friend doesn't, can I invite him/her to a party and play 5V5 together?
5V5 Early Access is exclusive to Golden Ticketholders. You will only be able to play 5V5 with other Golden Ticketholders during the Early Access period. When the Early Access period ends with the release of Vainglory 3.0, you can play 5V5 with everyone.

If I get a Golden Ticket from events or chests, will I get the "Founding 5V5" badge?
No. To receive the "Founding 5V5" player badge, you must pre-register at

Are you going to send an email explaining the details about the countdown, Golden ticket or anything like that?
Be sure to pre-register at We will be sending all sorts of emails over time on 5V5-related topics.


Will 5V5 be a different app?
No, when we release 5V5 in Vainglory Update 3.0, it will be the same app as you are currently using and it will be a normal update.

How will official tournaments be run held with only 5V5 from 2018 onwards?
The official worldwide Vainglory8 league structure and associated tournaments will be exclusively 5V5 in 2018. Many community leagues and tournaments will run 3V3 events next year, however.

Are heroes going to be balanced differently or have different base stats for 3V3 & 5V5?
It's possible. Some heroes have received changes to make them viable in Vainglory 5V5. For example, Fortress' ultimate will release 5 wolves instead of 3 (one for each enemy hero).

Heroes with long-range ultimates such as Baron and Celeste have had their ranges increased for the larger 5V5 map. Additionally, the vision system is different in 5V5 (scout cams) vs. 3V3 (scout traps).

Beyond specific modifications like those, balance is the same in both modes. 

If you run against the current in the Sovereign's Rise 5V5 map river, will you move slower?
No. Moving with the current will make you go faster, but running against the current will be normal move speed.

Will we be able to make a "5 player Team"?
Good question! We'll see!

What is the final "Ban & Pick" system of 5V5 like?
That has not yet been announced. Please tell us your ideas!

Will rank and trophies be separate for 5V5 and 3V3?
That has not yet been announced. Please tell us your ideas!

Will 5V5 also have a Brawl mode?
Good question! Would you want there to be 5V5 BRAWL game modes?

What is the average 5V5 game time?
20-25 mins

Is 3V3 going to disappear? 
We will always listen to the player community and watch what our players do. If all Vainglory players flock to 5V5 and don't want to play 3V3 anymore, then perhaps we would discontinue 3V3. But we're a long way from that and there are no current plans to discontinue 3V3.




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