Looking ahead, Blueprints and UI changes

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When tapping in the PLAY button do I go into a match directly? How do I select in the UI which type of game I want to play?
After pressing PLAY, you'll be given options to select modes, etc.

You say the art is not final and you are taking steps towards a final version. Does this mean the UI will be in "beta" during 2.12 and be finalized in 3.0?
No, it just means the art wasn't finished at time this article published. But the team will alway continue to evolve and improve the interface over time.

When can I see the final UI?
In Update 2.12 ... but we'll continue to evolve and improve it over time.

The new UI aims to be simple and cleaner. I found the Market menu really confusing in the past and I did miss a lot of bundles because of all the tabs it had. How is this going to be displayed now, where I can find all those tabs and offers?
We'll be removing "My Cards" in 2.12 (as Cards won't exist). As Kraken says in his article, this is only a first step toward making Vainglory's out-of-game experiences more "lively" — more energy, more life and more care in the UI. Expect more changes to come.

I prefer Red than Blue for the main color. Do I have a chance to change it by an option in the future?
Sorry, bro. :)


Will Golden Tickets be available during Early Access still? I haven't got one yet and wasn't planning into buying one, but now that it comes with an LE skin I might be interested.
We will continue to look for ways to get players into Early Access right up until 3.0 launches.

Why is the LE Lance being called an "Epic" skin? I thought the normal skins where the ones called rare-epic-legendary and then we had LE/SE. Does this mean we are adding a new tier system for the LE/SE skins as well?
Just making clear that this is a Golden version of the existing (Epic) Nethernight Lance skin.

If I have been level 30 for a long while, where is all my XP that I have "lost" because I was at the highest level already? Will it be automatically added to my account, am I going to lose all that XP?
XP is currently capped at Level 30. When we add levels, you will begin accumulating XP on your way to Level 31.

I remember that going from level 29 to level 30 was really hard, how difficult is going to be going from 30 to 40 in comparison to all the other levels? At level 30 I already have most of the heroes unlocked, what rewards am I going to get as I level up to 40?
The requirements from 30-40 are similar to those for 20-30, but level 39 will not be as difficult as level 29. As for rewards, you'll continue to see more of the same.

With 5V5, will I need account level 10 and 8 heroes to play just like 3v3? I want to play 5V5 as soon as 3.0 drops and I would like to know if I need to level up and unlock more heroes.
There is no Ranked/Draft 5V5 in 3.0, so no special requirements around the number of unlocks. (The Free Hero Rotation gives you enough heroes to play 5v5.)

Beyond 3.0 you will revisit the Ranked system, does this mean 3v3 and 5V5 will have different rank points? If that so, where am I going to start in 5V5 rank?
It's too early to get into those details yet. We look forward to a number of Ranked announcements in the weeks and months ahead.

I am really worried I will be playing with the very same trolls game after game without punishing how is toxicity going to be handled when 5V5 is out? You say the toxicity detection is going to be improved beyond 3.0 but will be there any improvements in 3.0 at all?
Toxicity detection is future work, post-3.0.

Will I still get the LE Golden Netherknight Lance skin if I purchase the Golden Ticket after learning about the skin?

I wasn't interested in Golden Tickets at first but now after seeing the LE Lance skin i want to be a part of the early access too, is it already too late for me to join the early access? If yes, do i still get the skin?
No, it's not too late. You will still get the skin if you get a Golden Ticket.

Will accounts with this half progress bar start at the halfway mark towards lvl 31 or will everyone (that is already lvl 30) start at 0 experience towards lvl 31?
Everyone starts at the beginning of Level 30. That's just a weird visual bug.

Why is the Golden Lance referred to as "Limited Edition Golden Netherknight Lance (Epic) skin" - does it mean it will be similar and only a recolor from our current Epic Netherknight Lance?
It's to make it clear that this is a "Golden" version of the existing Epic Netherknight Lance skin.

Will I be able to get a Golden Ticket during 2.12 and play 5V5 during the 2.12 early access?
And will I then be eligible for the Golden Nethernight Lance skin?
Yes, you can still get a Golden Ticket during 2.12 via a quest chest, which would give you 2.12 Early Access. And yes, if you get a Golden Ticket, you'll get the Limited Edition skin. It's still being determined whether there will be ways to get Golden Tickets in the Market during 2.12.



What order are skin blueprints 'given' and cards removed? For example, if I own enough cards for both Epic and Legendary, but not both, which is given to me? The Epic and then I miss out on the Legendary?
Calculations are made first to determine which blueprints should be awarded, on a skin-by-skin basis. After all blueprints are awarded, then cards are destroyed for Essence. If multiple tiered skins use the same Rare/Epic cards, then ownership of the card will count toward blueprints for all skins that make use of this card. Keep an eye out for future articles going in-depth on the inner workings of these calculations.

If cards are removed from chests drops, does this means I will receive more Essence than I used to form drops?
We will be reviewing all rewards/chests to make sure we're happy with drop rates -- As always, these are subject to change.

How often will Blueprints drop from matches/quests?
Blueprints will be Rare drops. As always, these drop rates are subject to change.
Are you going to let us directly buy Blueprints in the market?
We expect to experiment with a range of ways to allow players to acquire Blueprints over time.

Will there be a blueprint-only in-game chest?
We expect to experiment with a range of ways to allow players to acquire Blueprints over time.

For skins that are craftable with 16 cards. How many cards are required for 33%, 5 or 6?
6. (5/16 is only 31.25%!)

I am only missing a few cards for, for example, Kandi Twirl Koshka rare-epic-legendary skins, saying I'm at more than 85% in total. I do not want to destroy my legendary cards because you will give the full crafting value, but how do I select I want the blue print for the rare skin and not the legendary one?
Ownership of Cards will be counted toward Blueprints for all skins that make use of the card. For more details, keep an eye out for future articles going in-depth on the inner workings of these calculations.

For the rare-epic-legendary skins such as Kandi Twirl Koshka how much is a 33% for each rarity?
Look at the requirements for each skin individually. If you have 33% of (the non-common) cards' worth of Essence, you'll qualify to receive the Blueprint. There is an example in the Blueprints article, and we'll walk through this in more detail in an upcoming article, if you're still unsure.

In the rare-epic-legendary skins it costs 576-1536-3696 Essence to craft them and the other rarity skins cost 900, 2160 and 5760. With the new blueprint system it will cost 1000-2500-5000. How come "the old tiered-skins" have increased so much? Why is the Legendary skin cheaper now?
Because we are picking a single value for all skins of a given tier. We're happy with the numbers that we've chosen, although we reserve the right to change these numbers at any point in the future.

How much Essence will I get for a duplicated blueprint? Will the duplicated and manually destroyed blueprints convert into the same amount of Essence?
We'll get into more details in the days and weeks ahead. Yes.

I still own cards for Limited and Special Edition skins, what is their highest Essence value for each of them?
All cards for SE/LE skins are destroyed at Legendary rates, so 360 Essence.

Will the drop rate for a rare, epic and legendary blueprints be the same since they already cost a different amount of Essence to craft?

For grandfathering skin blueprints, it is written that essence value sum of owned non-common cards must be >33% of the essence needed for the skin. The reference target cost is the craft cost in the new system or the total value of old system non-common cards?
Craft cost based on cards in the old system.

How much essence do I need to craft a Legendary skin?
5000, as per the article. Note that we reserve the right to change these numbers in the future.

When all my cards are automatically destroyed, do I get 33% essence less because it is traded for a blueprint?
No. You get full essence for all cards.

I remember a past Essence hack used by some players, will this new system be imperveous to any hack and possible unfair skin acquisition?
That issue was fixed months ago. To the best of our knowledge, no such attack is possible in either system at this time and we do not intend to write buggy code in the future. :)

If I keep old cards like Moon Lyra or Summer Party, how many essence do I get for those?
All cards for SE/LE skins are at Legendary rates, so 360 Essence.




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