What are the five buttons above the mini-map? (Pings)

These are the Pings you can use to communicate with your teammates.

Note: Only your team members will see these pings, so use them freely to coordinate play tactics.

In order from left to right: GO, AVOID, OMW, GROUP, PRESET MESSAGES

Tap a ping symbol then tap anywhere on the screen or mini-map. You will hear a unique sound and see the icon appear on the ground and in the mini-map.

  • Use GO to indicate for your team to go to a specified location or attack a desired target.
  • Use AVOID to encourage your team to stay away from an enemy or destination, very useful if you know the enemy is in a bush your teammate is close to.
  • Use OMW to tell your team you’re “on my way" to a certain location, or use it on yourself to tell your team you are on your way home.
  • Use GROUP to tell you team to gather in a specified location to create an ambush or take an objective.
  • Use PRESET MESSAGES to better coordinate your actions with your teammates. You can say you're not ready to fight, suggest your team to stick together, or send a few other commands that you might fight useful during the match.

Avoid using Pings too often as it may anger your teammates, they may give you a thumbs down which can hurt your karma if you use them to be rude.