How does the Gold Miner work?

The Gold Miner is a tough jungle monster that accumulates gold over time after it spawns. This jungle Objective is crucial to giving your team the gold advantage, but it is also risky to try and take it if the enemy team is also there.

After the Gold Miner is defeated, it will pay out gold to the team that delivers the killing blow; the fuller the Gold Miner when you defeat it the more it pays out!

After The Gold Miner is defeated, it will respawn after a little while and it will start to accumulate gold again.

The Gold Miner is a neutral monster that will not attack until it has been provoked. It can be affected by Minion Candy which can be used strategically to prevent the enemy from defeating it easily. The Gold Miner does not join your team after it has been defeated, it remains neutral.

At 15 minutes into the game, the Kraken comes up and kills the Gold Miner, taking it's place for the rest of the game!