How do I use the shop?

An item shop is available at the Sanctuary and also in the Jungle (after the 4 minute mark). Make sure to spend your gold anytime you’re visiting.

Any hero can purchase any item in the Sanctuary or Jungle shops, provided you have enough gold and you are close enough to the shop. You may also shop when you are waiting to respawn. Note that you cannot use the enemy's sanctuary shop to purchase anything.

Open the shop by tapping on the shop itself or by hitting the Shop icon in the bottom right of your screen while playing. The Shop icon will glow if you are close enough to shop.

If you have enough gold, the item will appear in bright, full color. Double-tap on the item to purchase it, or select the item and press the "Buy" button in the bottom right.

To get more gold, strike the final hit that kills enemy minions and heroes. You can hold six different items in your inventory at once. Gold will not carry over from match to match, so go ahead and spend it all!

There are some things to keep in mind when shopping.