My account disappeared! What happened!?!

Worry not! Your data is not lost and we can certainly help you!

Most likely one of two things happened:

  1. There was an update that manually logged you out, or a friend or family member manually logged you out by accident. In this case, you simply need to log back in; if you can't remember your password click here.
  2. During account creation, you created your account with an incorrect email address to begin with and now you are trying to log in with the correct email. We can give you hints towards the email address registered, but we cannot provide the full email. Note also that we cannot make any changes to any accounts unless we receive a request from the email address that is linked to the Vainglory account. If you cannot send us an email from the account linked to your profile, you should open a ticket explaining your exact issue and add any supporting information you have that could prove it is your profile.

Please remember that Super Evil Megacorp employees will never ask for you password.