I can't log in! I forgot my password!

If you are having trouble logging in, first make sure you are entering your email and password slowly and correctly. Mistyping while trying to log in is the most common cause of this.

If you forgot your password, there are two things you can do:

  1. Click here to reset your password
  2. In-Game: Hit the "Forgot Password" link to the right of the "Log In" button

Please remember to keep your password private and do not share it. If you suspect someone has logged in to your account and made changes without your approval please open a ticket.

If you are getting a connection problem that says you cannot connect to our servers, the try these steps:

  • Check Vainglory Status to see if we are experiencing issues or are in Maintenance mode
  • Restart your device and your router
  • If a restart didn't work, try opening ports 7000~8020 to make sure all the game packets can get through your router
  • Connecting over LTE / Mobile Data may be a solution if you experience an issue where the "Log in" button goes white when you try to log in. This is caused by a blocked port.

Please remember that Super Evil Megacorp employees will never ask for your password.