I'm experiencing game crashes, what do I do?

Oh no, we are sorry to hear that! Luckily, this is usually very easy to resolve. Game crashes are in most cases caused by your device running out of memory.

Please try the following:



Turn your device OFF by using the power button for 15 or more seconds. Then turn your device back on.

If that is not working, you may also consider deleting old data/apps that you do not use, transfer photos and such to your computer to free up more space.

Note: If you have Vainglory installed on an SD card, please try to install it on the device if possible. Also, if that is not possible, consider upgrading your SD card to one that has a faster read/write speed.

Also keep in mind that devices like to keep extra space around for Flex Memory, so please make sure your device will have at least 2GB of space left over after installing Vainglory.



Hold the power button and home button on your device until the Apple logo appears

Remember that the memory we are mentioning here is not related to your free space that you can see by looking at your devices setting, but this is the memory used by applications currently running on your device. 

A restart of the device will clear up this memory allowing you to continue playing.