What is Glory? How do I get Glory?

Glory is an in-game currency. You receive Glory by playing matches. Winning matches gives out more Glory than losing. All game modes give Glory, but Brawl modes give less and bot matches also give less.

There are also a few ways to get additional Glory:

  • First Win of the Day – Players get a Glory bonus for winning their 1st match of the day!
  • Third Win of the Day – Winning their 3rd match of the day also gives players a Glory bonus; if it is achieved within 24 hours!
  • Sinister Seven – When a player has won at least 1 match for 7 consecutive days, they get yet another Glory bonus!
  • Quests & Chests - You can also gain Glory as one of the random rewards when opening Chests for leveling up or for completing Quests.
  • Boosts - You may gain boosts as a reward from Quests & Chests. There is also the option to purchase the All-Access Pass from the Market which will boost your Glory gain!

Things to remember:

  • First Win / Third Win /  Sinister Seven all reset at 12:00AM Midnight UTC (click here to see this in your own Timezone)
  • When a you earn Sinister Seven, you do not receive the First Win bonus
  • Glory Events can boost First Win / Third Win bonuses but DO NOT affect Sinister Seven bonuses
  • All Glory Boosts will affect First Win / Third Win / Sinister Seven bonuses

Glory Events:

  • Double Glory and even Triple Glory events are sometimes held for different reasons.
    • During this time, most of your Glory gains will be boosted by a certain multiplier (excluding Sinister Seven and other Holiday/Promotional bonuses) This is a great chance to get some extra Glory!
  • Holiday/Promotional events:
    • During this time you may receive extra Glory for a multitude of different reasons depending on the event.  It could be just signing in, I could be bonuses for each win during the period, or something else.  Keep an eye out because there are usually massive Glory gains to be had during these events!!