How much does it cost?

Nothing! Vainglory is free to download and endlessly free to play. We will not restrict your gameplay with timers, pay-gates or other mechanics that impede your ability to play.

Having said that, there is a limitation to play ranked matches in place for two reasons:

  1. Account at Level 10 - To make sure you are serious about playing ranked and that you are ready to handle it
  2. 8 Heroes unlocked for 3v3 and 14 for 5v5 - To make sure you are able to go into a Draft Mode pick and have enough Heroes for it.

To fund further game development, we instead offer you the option to pay to customize your gameplay faster than just earning your way there by playing.

For example, instead of just playing to earn Glory and Essence in the game so you can unlock new heroes or skins, you can buy ICE and use it to permanently unlock content faster. We also sometimes have limited skins for your heroes that can only be earned through events or purchased with ICE.


We are core gamers and we treat our players the way we would like to be treated ourselves.