How to create a Guild/Team

Great to see you have an interest in creating your own Guild or Team!

In order to do so, go to the Social page and select either the Guild or Team tab and then select the "Create Guild" or "Create Team" button.

Creating a Guild will cost you 2500 Glory or 50 ICE (Team: 7000 Glory o 300 ICE) so make sure you already have that much in your account.

  • You will need to come up with a unique Guild Name (no special characters)
  • You will need a Guild Tag which is only 2-4 characters (no special characters)
  • If you are creating a Guild:
    • You will need to enter a Guild Motto
    • You must set your guild to Open or Invite Only

Hit the Create button to create your Guild or Team with Glory or ICE. If there is a problem creating your Guild or Team a message will pop up explaining the issue. Remember that using special characters in the guild name or tag will result in an error when trying to create it; your ICE will NOT be taken unless the Guild or Team is successfully created.