How does Matchmaking work?

Understanding Matchmaking:

  • Your Rank is a relative level of skill in regards to other players based on wins and losses in your matches.
  • Your Rank is used to match you against other players. 
  • All the different queues, in both Standard and Brawl modes, have separate, unique Ranks that change independently, you are shown your Skill Tier for Ranked mode and Blitz mode.
  • Skill Tier is the same thing as your Rank.
  • Karma is currently not used in Matchmaking.
  • There is a punishment system in place for both Dodging and AFKing. Dodging has the added affect of lowering your Rank in some cases.

Every new account starts with a set Rank. Your first Ranked match can often take upwards of 10 minutes to match to ensure you are placed properly to start off and may or may not utilize your Casual Rank to help the initial placement of your account.

The amount of Rank you can lose or gain from a match is calculated before the match starts - based on your teammates and your opponents - your Rank is updated as soon as the match concludes.

The reason your Rank is not always an accurate representation of your skill is due to a number of factors including Skill Tier Decay, your skill with different heroes and positions, and other possible reasons. Your Rank remains intact, always, even if there is a visual discrepancy.