How do Seasons work?

Seasons are a set period of time for players to rank up and test their skills!

During each season, you will have a set period of time to rise in the ranks by yourself, with Guild mates, or in a Team! This is also when you level up your Season Sunlight level and get better rewards from your Season Chests!

This will pave the way for tournament opportunities if you are in a Team. You can increase the value of the Guild Chests you get every 5 levels during the season as well. It is also a time to set and achieve personal goals and then save them for eternity in the trophies section of your account or the Guild and/or Team you are part of.

There are 4 seasons a year, each lasting roughly 3 months; Winter, Spring, Summer, and Autumn; with Winter season being the resting period with no major eSports tournaments.

With each season comes changes like new map skins and special edition heroes skins. At the end of each season there is also a reset to player ranks, Team rank, Guild levels, and Season Sunlight levels.

Towards the end of each season, top teams apply - or are invited - to compete in the official championships of their respective regions, like VGL, TL, and RAGE! These teams fight for glory, bragging rights, and cash prizes! Some teams even end up getting invited to the Vainglory International Premier League (VIPL) and the ultimate goal of each year is to go to Vainglory Worlds!