What is Draft Mode? How does it work?

Draft Mode is a way to ensure unique and meaningful team compositions to Ranked matches. Draft empowers players to use their game knowledge more effectively and adds an element of strategy that heightens the game experience for everyone. It also is a way to ensure that players get used to the tournament style of play as they try to rise towards Vainglorious and enter larger tournaments with their teams.

Here is a great Draft Simulator that can help you get well acquainted to the process!

You can also watch a video explaining the system.

The basics are as follows:

  • Draft mode is a picking system that follows the pattern: (bans)A:B - (picks)A:B:B:A:A:B
    • This means team A bans 1 hero then team B bans 1 hero
    • Then team A picks 1 hero then team B picks 2 heroes then team A picks 2 heroes then team B picks 1 hero
  • The person who decides the ban is randomly chosen during ranked play. When Draft Mode starts, whoever is on the top has been chosen to Ban for the team. Offer your thoughts on who to ban by using the thumbs down system on a hero. Offer your thoughts on picks/trades by selecting your position and then thumbs up on a hero
  • After all heroes have been banned and picked, there is a swapping phase where you and your teammates can trade which heroes you are using
  • If you are in Private - Draft then whoever is on top of the team in the lobby will always be able to ban for the team, so if you want to change that person in this mode, move someone else to the top of the team