How can I migrate my account to another server/region?

You can only play with other players who are on the same server region as your account.

If you have moved to a new geographical location you might want to consider an account migration.

Please keep in mind that we currently do not allow migrations for accounts that are currently on the correct server; as you are likely to experience lag and other latency related issues when playing if we migrate your account; read more details here.

If you are on the wrong server and would like to migrate, remember these important facts:

  • We cannot migrate accounts that are currently in a guild and/or team so you will have to leave your guild or team first
  • Note that you will lose your guild fame and all of your friends when we migrate your account

After you have made sure that you are on the wrong server and that you are no longer in a guild or team, please open a ticket to request a migration.