What is ICE? How do I get ICE?

ICE is our Premium Currency. It can be used to unlock Heroes, Skins, Limited Edition Skins, Boosts, and more!

There are multiple ways to get ICE:

  • We give away ICE on our Official Twitch Stream held every Friday at 10PM UTC (click here to see this in your own Timzone)
  • Often there are official/community held Events and Tournaments that will offer ICE as prizes, so keep an eye out!!
  • You may purchase ICE within the game by tapping on the ICE symbol in the top right of your profile while in the Market. You can also get there by trying to buy a Skin or Hero with ICE when your account doesn't have enough to make the transition.
  • You may also be lucky enough to gain ICE through Quests & Chests!

If you ever have trouble purchasing ICE please stay calm and click here.