Tell me more about Guilds


  • Guilds start with a 20 players limit which can expand to 50 players as the guild gains levels.
  • All members must be in the same server region.
  • Guilds will have rewards given out every 5 guild levels.
  • Guilds can level up to 100 (unlocking 20 chests to open per season)
  • You can only open a total of 20 chests per season no matter if you change guilds during the season
  • Earning Guild Fame unlocks the ability to add more guild members and will increase the guild's level, which in turn changes the Guild Crest artwork on display for all.
  • Each guild has its own in-game overview with Guild Crest art, statistics, and other information.
  • Each guild has its own dedicated text chat channel that appears above Common Friends.
  • Your Friends and Party lists will prioritize Guildmates. Note: You do not need to be in-game friends with a guildmate to see them on your list.
  • If there are two or more guild members in party, there will be a guild tag displayed in front of the player IGN; however, Team tags will take priority over these tags.
  • Any Guild member can give any other member a Fame Booster by tapping the Boost icon on the members page.
  • Guild Leaders can:
    • Set a minimum skill tier for the guild
    • Add links to external guild websites
    • Rename the Guild and Guild Tag for ICE
    • Promote Officers to help invite/kick members
    • Change the Guild Motto and Message
    • Change the preferred language
    • Add a Prime Time to play
    • Set the guild type (Casual, Competitive, etc.)


  • Leader: Granted to the player that created the guild and recognized by a crown next to the Leader's name. There can only be one. This role is transferred to the longest-serving member if the leader leaves the guild.
  • Officer: This is a status that can be given to any member by the Guild Leader (Member rank in the guild does not matter, even Initiates can be promoted to Officer)
    • Officers are able to invite and kick Guild Members.
  • Veteran: Granted to players who are very active and dedicated to the guild. Players obtain the Veteran status after 90 Guild games. Veterans may invite other players to the Guild if it is an invite-only guild.
  • Member: Standard rank for all other members. Players obtain member status after 20 guild games.
  • Initiate: The rank new members get when joining the guild. Players keep this rank as long as they have played fewer than 20 guild games.


We get this question a lot: "Will there ever be sister/allied guilds?"
It's a cool thought. Anything's possible in the future, but there are no immediate plans for this.


Will I be able to see a log of who my officers have invited or kicked?
Not at this time. We suggest your guild officers track that internally for the leader's review.


Will I be able to update the guild message? Will members be notified somehow?
Yes, you can update the message among many other admin abilities. No, there is no notification to members, but it's something we'd like to do in the future.


Do the Guild Admin changes also apply to Teams? Can we change the Team Captain? Can we change the Team name?
These are exclusively guild improvements. We recognize that the Teams feature could use some love as well, but Guilds was a higher priority.


Since you can Solo rep a guild and gain fame does that mean we will always have our Guild Tag showing?
Yes, your guild tag will always show! Go represent! :)


Does the Play Time setting show the time based on player's time zone? For example: if I'm in Europe, will the displayed time be CET?
The time displayed IS your local time. That means if your guild leader sets your preferred play time as 8PM Pacific Time, that would display as 5PM Eastern Time if you lived in that time zone.

What are the parameters for the Guild's finder (the 3 Guilds suggested), will there be search settings & options?
Yes, there are filters you can set:
- Guild Type (Casual, Semi-competitive, Competitive, School or ANY).
- Minimum Skill Tier
- "Prime Time" -- the main hour you like to play
With no filters set, the algorithm will try to show you a variety of guild types.