Why am I banned?

Bans can occur for 3 major reasons:

  • Dodging a match
  • Reaching low Karma
  • Game Master (GM) bans

Dodging a match for most match modes will result in a short ban. We very much suggest that if you do not intend to join a match, or are in situation where you do not think you may be able to commit that you play a more casual match mode. If you are having connection issues then please look here.

Karma bans occur when your karma drops down to bad, and each time you get a karma ban, future bans will be longer. Karma is reduced by being flagged for AFKing, intentionally losing, spam pinging, and dodging. It's important to know that it takes repeated offenses to become banned and if you find out account has received a Karma ban that it's due to multiple offenses, never 1 or 2 players.

GM bans are a result of unacceptable behavior that has been brought to our attention or that we have noticed and have taken action on. This could be anything from harassment in chat to Account trading and more. These can be the most severe and lengthy of bans.