I have ideas, where can I send them?

We absolutely love hearing feedback and suggestions from our players! We value it greatly and would like to hear all or your ideas!

The best place to make you ideas and feedback visible to us is to post them on our forums. But you can also mention them on our reddit page, Facebook, or even Twitter if you like. Also, please leave a review for us on your app store, we read those as well!

From here you can post your new ideas about heroes, skins, and more or give us your feedback about hero balance and matchmaking, or give us any other suggestions that come to mind.

Super Evil employees frequent the forums often and even if they don't always reply they are definitely reading! Also, our volunteer moderators regularly review user submitted ideas and feedback and pass them along to the team, just in case we missed anything.

We are constantly receiving awesome suggestions, so check to see if they have already been posted by someone else.