How do I stream Vainglory?

We are super excited you are interested in streaming Vainglory! Luckily, we have a handy little guide created by our very own Zekent on how to set up your stream! We also have a second guide here by our very own wolf_hands! And yet another Twitch stream guide created by, where you can also find other great articles, guides, and useful tools!

Beyond the guides that are very helpful in getting you set up; there are a many other important points to remember when streaming in general:

  • Engage with your viewers; really engage with them. Ask them questions, welcome them to the stream, say goodbye when they leave, thank them for all their support and their time. Talk to them as if they are your friend sitting right next to you.
    • This is, hands down, the most important part of being a streamer. If you are not engaging with you viewers, you will not gain or keep many viewers.
  • Have a detailed schedule. This is actually extremely important to help you increase your viewers because regular schedules bring back regular viewers and increase the likelihood of getting more. Keep it interesting! Mondays is 'BR day', Tuesdays is 'viewer matches day', Wednesdays is 'solo ranked day', etc. Of course you don't have to stick only to this type of schedule, but having a schedule is good for you and for the viewers.
    • A schedule is especially important to SEMC because if we know you will be playing Vainglory at a specified time, it is more possible for us to support you in our in-game news feed and on social media to help you reach a larger audience!
  • Be kind, respectful, and responsible and you will be more likely to receive the same type of viewers in return!
    • This is also especially important to us because we will not link to streamers who display troll behavior or are rude to their viewers.
  • Use a chat bot system to help you handle your viewers, especially when you have a lot of them! Bots can help you answer questions, raffle prizes, play chat games which helps when you are too focused on the game and it helps you restrict trolls. Chat bots can also help you answer what song is playing, and even let viewers select the music for you.
  • Fill out your streamer details page in a slick looking, simple to read, informative way and include ways to donate, subscribe, rules of chat, links to your twitter and more!
  • Create a nice overlay for your stream!
  • Find good moderators and support them, they'll help you in chat more than anyone else and make the community feel loved and appreciated, they also help you get rid of toxic people.
  • Don't be afraid to ban people who are toxic in your channel, if you leave the toxicity, it spreads and the loyal fans think you don't care and will leave.
  • Have an interesting Away screen with a timer when you are away from the game/camera. Something that is fun and informative as well.
  • Find a YouTube channel that plays "approved" music so your rebroadcasts don't get muted because of copyright music being played.
  • Use a green screen, simply because it looks more professional and gives you more space to show the game and your beautiful face at the same time!