How do Passes & Boosts work?


Passes are a way to let you access content for a period of time, allowing you to utilize things normally not available to you during that time period.

All-Access Pass:

The All-Access Pass is available in the “Passes” section of the Market and offer:

  • All heroes unlocked for the duration of the pass
  • 50% Glory boost
  • 50% account experience boost
  • 50% Sunlight boost
  • 50% Guild Fame boost

Note: Any other boosts you have active (such as the Permanent Glory Boost) will still work and you may still receive boosts as chest rewards.

Players can acquire and add time to their All-Access Pass in increments of 3, 7 or 30 days at a time. Here’s the breakdown:

  • All-Access for 3 days:  399 ICE
  • All-Access for 7 days:  699 ICE
  • All-Access for 30 days: 1299 ICE



Glory Boosts:

  • Glory Boosts are gotten as bonuses from Chests and work with all Glory gained in the Spoils of War screen!
  • All Glory Boosts work with:
    • All-Access Pass
    • Great Karma bonus
    • Party For Glory events
    • Double / Tripe Glory events
    • First Win / Third Win / Seven Sins Win
  • The Permanent Glory Boost really does last forever and ever and will continue even though it is no longer available in the Market.
  • Permanent Glory stacks with all other boosts! All effects are applied. If you have the 25% permanent boost + 100% glory boost + 50% glory boost from the All-Access Pass you'd end up getting 175% more Glory!

Fame Boosts:

  • Fame Boosts are purchasable and gift-able from the "Members" section of your Guild
  • Double Fame Boosts affect only the player boosted
  • This boost also stacks with the All-Access Pass bonus