Connection Tips and Help

Even though we are Super Evil, we will always take every connection issue brought to us seriously and do our best to resolve things quickly. However, there are things on your side that you can test and optimize which could definitely help improve your gameplay and connection - even if you haven't really had much trouble with connection issues!

First, please restart your Device and your Router/Modem
So many people seem to skip this or assume it won't work, but please do it before moving on.

If that doesn't work then also try the following:

  • Please check here, and here, and also sites like this to inspect the under water cables and check for interconnectivity issues that may be affecting you
  • Sometimes your device's network connections can get all mucked up and resetting network connections is a sure way to get things to run as smooth as possible:
    • Apple: Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings
    • Android: Settings > Backup & reset > Network settings reset
    • The only setback is that you have to re-add the network connections you normally connect to. Like your home/work/school/Starbucks/friends house/etc.

Below are tests and optimizations that you would perform even after you've tried everything else we've always suggest, it is also more of a post to help you understand the connections in general so you can see why there might be issues happening.

Analogy: (not the best, but stick with us)
If your internet connection were an omni-directional highway then:

  • Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) would be the highway owner, with toll booths and specific on/off ramps available
  • Bandwidth would be the number of lanes
  • Upload/Download Speeds would be the speed limits of your highway
  • Latency would be traffic, changing the actual speed of getting form the source to the destination and back
    • This is commonly refereed to as Ping, but ping is just protocol that sends a (packet) and waits for a reply, the number you see in milliseconds is actually the Latency, but saying "Ping" and displaying it as "Ping" is common practice these days
  • Packets would be the different cars/trucks and their contents
  • Ports would be the many different on/off ramps to get on/off the highway at the right places


We always tell people to open up ports 7000~8020, why is that?

Now, in the above analogy if you wanted to get from point A to point B but your off-ramp (Port) for getting to point B was closed, you'd either stop where it should be or just keep driving around endlessly because you could never actually GET to your off-ramp. The number of lanes and the speed limits of your omni-directional highway wouldn't matter at all if you couldn't actually get OFF the highway where you wanted to.

This is why we tell you to open the ports 7000~8020, because these are the on/off-ramps for Vainglory.
For help opening ports, please refer to this port forwarding site.
Also, please refer to these helpful sites that can perform many useful tests:

Using the above sites, you can specifically test if certain ports are open or closed to your network. The ShieldsUP! Common Ports test and All Service Ports test will be very helpful, but CanYouSeeMe can check specific ports for openness by your ISP. These are not 100% accurate as they may be affected by firewalls and such on your own systems.

Sadly, even if you listen to us and open these ports on your router, your ISP might not have these ports open. If your ISP does not have these ports open there is not much you, nor we, can do about it other than contacting them and asking for the ports to be opened, or changing ISP.


We mention packet size limits and packet amount limits often, why is that?
Using the analogy above, these limitations would have to do with the weight and number of the cars and trucks.

For example, maybe a certain ISP only allows 'full trucks' to travel their omni-directional highway, no cars allowed (meaning there is a size limitation before you can even be sent).  That would mean that any time you needed to send or receive a small packet, this packet would be either blocked outright, or sent around a very long, winding, crazy route (which causes all kinds of issues in itself).
Other ISPs might have a guy standing by an off-ramp with one of those clickers, counting.  This would mean there is an amount limitation.  Maybe you need to send 500 cars through in a specific time, but he counts up to 350 and then stops traffic because the limit has been hit within that time, after he waits long enough, he lets the rest through, but it's often too late, or simply drop the waiting ones all together.
Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) is what I have described above and it is basically what ISPs do to save the most money. It means sometimes waiting for a packet to fill up to the right size before sending which takes some time, or blocking/doping packets because there are too many, and it is something we have no control over. Other websites, services, and games use different servers and will get routed differently or may simply have more power and leverage and can force ISPs to do what they want.

Your devices and routers have what is called MTU (Maximum Transmission Unit). This is the limitation on the amount of bytes that can be sent per packet of data. You may also need to check with your ISP to find out what their maximum MTU is for your network. After checking your ISP and your device/router MTU settings you may then find it possible to optimize. If the MTU is too small or too great, it can have extremely harmful effects on your performance. Altering your MTU will not affect your latency or TTL, however, adjusting the MTU to its ideal setting creates more efficient transfers and thus better overall performance. A well-tweaked system can have high speed, fewer errors and better transfer efficiency.

These are very useful sites that can help you understand MTU and how to optimize it:


Many players mention their upload/download speeds, which is great, but what does it really mean?

In our analogy, Bandwidth and upload/download speeds work together. If there are lots of cars on the highway, a larger bandwidth helps. Also, your ISP will give your highway a speed limit. This is all well and good, but if your highway has lots of traffic (Latency) and blocked on/off ramps (Ports aren't open) then it doesn't matter how fast your highway's speed limit is, you're either stuck in traffic, or you can't get on/off the highway where you need to. Both of these issues cause major problems for you that are not visible in a simple speed test.

Most of you use a well known speed testing application, but this site has even better tests and tools that are free and helpful, specifically:

This site also provides some pretty powerful tools, specifically:

But if you prefer the other site, here it is, along with a new ping test that you might find useful:

We really hope this analogy and information helps you to understand your own connection and network. Please remember that all of the above information/tools/tests will NOT specifically test your connection of Vainglory through your ISP to our severs, it is only going to help you pinpoint issues your network and ISP might have so you can try to address them.

Please take the time to learn about your connection and your ISP and what all the information really means and make optimizations where possible! Feel free to do more research as well into what may be causing issues in your connection.
~Super Evil Megacorp