What is Ambient Gold?

Ambient Gold: Whenever anyone kills a minion or monster, a nearby ally within 14 meters earns 60% of the bounty as bonus gold from lane minions, and 85% if they are jungle minions. If two allies are nearby, whichever hero has lower net worth earns the Ambient Gold.

Because of Ambient Gold, Captains taking last hits from Junglers doesn't have a large negative impact on a team’s gold net worth. Instead, they’ll still generate the same amount of gold since there will always be a 100%/60 lane or 85% jungle split to two team members near each other. Often sharing the Treants between the Captain and Jungler is a good idea to keeps your team healthy and ready for a fight.

Additionally, many more strategies are viable from the way gold is distributed among team members. Teams can strategically decide where to funnel gold when they have multiple heroes reaching Tier 3 items.

On top of the Ambient Gold mechanic, there is also a Gold Trickle always happening as well as a change to the Experience Range.