What is the Low Priority Queue (LPQ)?

Low Priority Queue (LPQ)

The LPQ replaces our previous banning system so that players can't simply play on an alternate account for the period of the ban and then go back, they will have to "play through" their ban. This is explained below.


How does the new banning system work?

You must wait X extra seconds in the matchmaker for Y number of games (x and y depend on how severe the punishment level)

It does not affect matchmaking, LPQ players match with the general pool, the punishment is the extra delay.


Will I be notified if and when you I am placed in LPQ? Will I be warned about it beforehand when I am perilously close?

Generally you will be warned, but extremely egregious cases of AFK/trolling you will instantly be placed into LPQ with no warning. 


Will I be notified when I leave LPQ and rejoin the normal queue?

Yes, each time you queue, you'll be notified that you are suffering an extra long wait due to LPQ with a timer, when the timer is over, you will be in normal matchmaking.


If I get placed in LPQ, then what game modes are affected? Only the game mode I was reported in or all game modes?

Public Battle Royale, Blitz, Casual and Ranked are affected.


If I was reported in a ranked match, then to get out of low priority, would I need to play only ranked or could I play casual and BR also?

You can play Battle Royale, Blitz, or Casual matches to climb out of Low Priority Queue (you will not be able to play ranked matches while your Low Priority Queue is ongoing). You also cannot log out of your account until you complete every matches needed to satisfy your LPQ requirements


If a low priority player and a normal queue player were to party, then which queue would they be put into?

The whole party will be in LPQ for that instance of matchmaking (don't worry, it doesn't "spread" to the other players once the party disbands)


Will there still be bans like previously or just low priority queuing?

LPQ is the "new" bans. We choose this because bans encourage players to merely take a break or switch accounts. LPQ requires players to endure longer wait times on their main account.


The low priority queue and normal queues are separated right? Players from one queue aren't matched with players from the other? In all game modes?

No, LPQ is not a separate matchmaking queue. It is an extra delay that punished players must endure before they are allowed into the public matchmaking queue.


Will I be able to keep track of what is required to return to normal queue?

Yes, you can see this in a special UI whenever you queue.


Does the LPQ system work with the end of match down votes? Or by system detected offences like AFKing, dodging, ping spamming?

LPQ is a replacement for the ban system, so end of match down votes is the system that determines who is placed into LPQ.


Does the increased queue time for LPQ come from the lesser population in that queue compared to normal queue?

No, increased queue time comes from an additional 'punishment' delay timer that is added, after which the LPQ player will finally join the normal matchmaking pool.