What are Quests & Chests?


I am a long term player, why do new players get quests I do not?
There's a chain of quests that teach the new players more about Vainglory past the initial tutorial. This covers deeper topics such as the jungle, laning, roaming, crystal and weapon items and more. 

Quest - can you skip a quest to get a new one? If yes, how many times per day?
In future updates we plan to make quests skip-able. Hero-specific quests will have a timer, and if you let it timeout, then it will replace itself.

What types of quests are there?
Here are examples of the types of quests you may see:

  • Watch <academy video>. These show up early to help teach new players how to play. If you're already a pro, you can just tap out of the video without watching it and the quest will be complete.
  • Play <game mode>. This will ask you to play Any mode, Casual, Battle Royale, Ranked, Gold Rush, or Co-op Bots, with emphasis on the PvP modes.
  • Win <game mode>. Same as above, but requires a win.
  • Play Team Match
  • Win Team Match
  • Kill Enemy Hero
  • Get Assists
  • Use Glory Boost (rare, I think this only appears once)
  • Earn <N> Gold in Battle (accumulates over wins; if it asks you to get 7500 gold, then it counts your gold total from winning matches until you hit the goal)
  • Win with Fewer than 5 Deaths
  • Kill <N> Creatures
  • Farm Jungle Monsters
  • Capture Minion Mines
  • Release Kraken
  • Capture Gold Mines
  • Get 5 Wins in 3 Days
  • Reach Player Level 5

Then there are similar quests to the above that require you to play as a specific hero.

  • Play <game mode> as <Hero>.
  • Win <game mode> as <Hero>.


How many quests can I work on at the same time?

There are 3 quest slots, so you can work on up to 3 quests at the same time, however, 2 of these are unchanging.

The top and bottom quests are always going to be filed up by 2 specific repeatable quests:

  1. The top quest slot will always be the 5-Hero Chest Quest

  2. The bottom quest slot will always be the 1st win/3rd win/Sin 7 progress which shows you your daily and weekly progress to reaching those goals.

  3. The second quest slot will contain changing quests that will be replaced with a new random quest each time the old one is completed, but it may still be on a timer.

If I am not able to complete a quest, can I skip it or save it for a later time?
We don't have skip-able quests or save progress for you to get back to later. You either have to complete it or you have to let it expire.
All players will always have a "Play Battle Royale" quest which can be completed every 4 hours. This one never changes. After an initial "Reach Level 5" quest, all players will also have a persistent "Get 5 Wins in 3 Days" quest that can be done once every 3 days.

The remaining quest slot is a revolving quest that will tend to be either a "Player" quest or a "Hero" quest. "Player Quests" are just quests that are not hero specific, and these tend not to have timeouts, so they will stick around until you complete them.

The Hero Quests will have a timeout of 18 hours (which we may change) and whether you do the quest or not, it will go away in 18 hours and be replaced by a Player Quest.

Are the quests level based?
Some quests are level-based. Daily quests are not.

Are Battle Royale matches considered to be a Public Queue?

Yes. The quests that ask you to win or play a "Public Match" include Casual, Ranked, and Battle Royale. (Note that Co-op vs Bots does not count.)

Why no quests for Petal and Lance? Why so much Petal hate?!

Petal doesn't have Quests because she needs a Spotlight video for the quest chain to not break. Same was true for Lance at time of implementation. Petal deserves a Spotlight now that her kit has been reworked, it's true.



What is the Daily Chest?

Players receive a Daily Chest every 6 hours. Players also have two slots to store Daily Chests, so you can save up two chests before you need to start opening them. Once you have at least one Daily Chest available, you can tap to open it and reap the rewards.

  • A Daily Chest fills up every 6 hours
  • You can store up to 2 chests
  • Daily Chests have a chance for mini-jackpots!

What are the Rare & Epic Mystery Chests?

Rare Mystery Chests:

  • Contains 5 items!
  • Better than 1-in-3 chance of getting a hero or skin! 
  • Extremely rare chance of hitting the 1 MILLION Opals jackpot
  • Other Mystery Chest loot includes: Opals, Glory, Essence, boosts and Mystery Keys
  • If you don’t get a hero or skin, you’ll at the very least get 800 Glory or a boost or another Mystery Key
  • If you would receive a duplicate hero or skin, you’ll instead get at least 20 Opals.

Epic Mystery Chests:

  • Contains 6 items!
  • Each Epic Mystery Chest guarantees you get 1 hero and 1 skin and 20 Opals!
  • The chances of getting higher tiered skins is even greater.
  • It also offers multiple jackpots, including a 100,000 ICE payout and a 1 MILLION ICE jackpot!
  • The Epic Mystery Chest contains every hero and skin sold in the Market and sometimes also includes unreleased skins!
  • If you would receive a duplicate hero or skin, you’ll instead get at least 20 Opals.

What rewards can I get from Chests?

It depends on the chest you are opening but in general: ICE, Glory, Boosts, Opals, Essence, sometimes even a Skin or a Hero unlocks! And more things may be added in the future!

Do the leveling up rewards get better as my level gets higher?
Yes and no; Each level has a chest and there are different rarities of chests. In general, the higher the chest rarity, the better the chance of getting something of high value. Different level up events have different rarities of chests associated with them.

Note that the level chests are often much better than the quest chests of comparable rarity. The early level chests give tons of Glory to give you a quick start and help you buy heroes early on, while later and higher rarity chests can drop ICE. For level chests, the amount of Glory, Ice, and Essence you get are all pre-determined, though the specific items you get are randomized, with higher rarity chests tending to give rarer items. (Quests tend to have more randomization in their chests.)

Will I be able to keep my 20 chests unopened and then open all of them all at once when I reach level 30?
Yes you will be able to "store" the chests and open them when you find this most appropriate for your personal progression.

What does the chest contain and how do I get it?
You can earn chests from leveling up and completing quests, there are also Daily chests that unlock every 6 hours as well as Rare and Epic Mystery chests that can be purchased or opened with Keys. Chests contain Glory, Boosts, Essence, ICE, Opals and sometimes even Skin or Hero unlocks!

What are all of the rewards for each level?
Each level has a chest and there are different rarities of chests. The higher the chest rarity, the better the chance of getting something of high value. Different level up events have different rarities of chests associated with them.

That being said, there's still a chance of getting something valuable from a lower level chests - the chance is just much smaller. Rewards from chests are random from a pool of ICE, Glory, Boosts, and Essence where higher rarity chests have a greater chance of getting more valuable rewards such as ICE, and larger quantities of each reward.

The boosts I get from chests & quests will be automatically activated or can I save them to activate them later?
Automatically activated upon opening the reward.

When I open the 20 free chests, can I keep the boosts for later or is it used immediately?
They are automatically activated upon receiving.

If I open all the 20 boxes at once and i get more than one glory boost out of them, do they stack or are they wasted?

Boosts stack their duration. For example: getting a 12 Glory hour boost and immediately getting another 8 hour Glory boost after will give you a 20 hour Glory boost. It does not stack the stats though.

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