What is Sunlight?


Sunlight is a way to measure Seasonal Level Progression, which also gives you better and better chances to unlock awesome seasonal content.

Do Brawl modes offer the same amount of Sunlight per match as Standard matches?

Brawl modes give 1/3 Sunlight on wins, even less on losses.

Will Sunlight be rewarded if I play Bot matches?

Standard Bot matches will reward 1/3 Sunlight and Brawl mode bot matches will reward 1/6 on Wins and less on losses, games must last longer than 7 minutes however.

What sort of Sunlight boosts do you get from skins?

  • Rare skins = 33% bonus
  • Epic skins = 66% bonus
  • Legendary skins = 100% bonus
  • Special Edition skins = ???% bonus
  • Limited Edition skins = ???% bonus

My hero does not have a Legendary skin yet - that is so unfair, I get less Sunlight!

This is important: WINNING with your best heroes and comps will still grant you more Sunlight than losing with skins. In fact, a win with no skin is worth more Sunlight than a loss with a Legendary skin!

The skin bonus is just an extra way we can help players earn more Sunlight and get bigger and better rewards, but it's not the primary factor when deciding which heroes to play. Just have fun!

How much Sunlight would we need to level up your Sunlight level?

The lowest levels only require 1 Sunlight.

The higher levels can require around 10 Sunlight just to level up one level (max level of 50).

So leveling will be relatively quick to start, and slow down toward the end.

Please keep in mind that if Sunlight gained is less than 50% there will be no visual change to your Sunlight, however it is still being kept track of and increasing properly.

How much Sunlight is required for each level?

See above answer.

How many levels are there for the Seasonal Level Progression?

There is a total of 50 levels.

Does Sunlight decay over time or is it permanent?

There is no Sunlight decay. However, Sunlight is seasonal and will not carry over to the next season.

The Sunlight wheel has 10 slots. Will it remain at 10 slots for each seasonal level?

The area above the dial represents your progress toward a new level. Getting a new level lights up one of the circles in the dial.

For the progress, levels start at needing 1 Sunlight and slowly ramp up to a max of 10 per level.

The dial itself actually has 50 slots. 10 of those are large/major steps, but there are 4 smaller slots between each major one. The 50 slots correspond to the 50 levels of summer progression.

Does each slot correspond to one Sunlight?

Each slot (in the area above the dial) counts as 1 Sunlight. Each slot can show a spectrum of Sunlight. However, behind the scenes we track a more exact number, so small bonuses are not lost (they accumulate properly). The current "growing bubble" shows smaller fractions of Sunlight gain now!

Is Sunlight available for solo or parties?

Sunlight will drop regardless if you play solo or with friends.

How do Sunlight rewards work?

Leveling up your seasonal sunlight will result in larger bonuses at milestone levels. You’ll also be able to determine the type of rewards based on the indicator at the level marker.

Daily Chests no longer improve with sunlight level, but occur more frequently and include mini jackpots. Sunlight provides larger rewards every 5 sunlight levels!

Also be sure to check out our Battle Pass to expand the rewards you are eligible for!