Why should I register my account?

If you do not register your Vainglory account then we will be unable to record your progress.

The benefits of registering your email and creating an in game name (IGN) are numerous:

  • You'll easily be able to sign in and out of any device (in case you change devices or play with a friend's device, for example)
  • You'll be able to unlock heroes and skins beyond the tutorial!
  • You'll find it easier to find and join friends online to play with
  • You'll be able to win ICE and other prizes from our social media events and from other streamers and content creators!
  • You'll be able to join a Guild or a Team. Or better yet, create your own!
  • You'll finally be able to play Ranked matches and test your skills! (after you reach the level and hero requirements)
  • You'll be able to build a reputation with your account that you can be proud of, holding on to personal/guild/team season trophies, win count, and more
  • Also, if your account is registered then our support staff will have a much easier time helping you if you ever have an issue as well!

Registering is easy.

At any time if you are not registered, simply tap the bottom left number from the main page to get to your profile page. From here, use the "Sign Up" option to register your email. After you have done so, you will see your account and the option to "Choose Player Name" which is where you can personalize your account name! Enjoy the benefits of a registered account!