Update 2.0 FAQ

Known Issues after update:

  • Opening Guild Chests gives you rewards, but it appears that the chest didn't open
  • Crashing on app launch for HTC M8 OS 5.0.1 (other OS's should be fine)
  • In-game item 'Echo' may not reset some abilities (being investigated) - Furthermore, please remember that the ability MUST be on cooldown before using Echo, or it won't work on that ability.
    • Ex: Using Roadie Run does not immediately put the ability on cooldown so using Echo just after starting Roadie Run will not refresh it! Wait until the cooldown starts to use Echo.



My Guild membership level changed! Why?
There has been a change to the number of matches required to go from Guild Initiate to Member to Veteran. If your membership level has dropped for your guild, all you need to do is to play more guild matches to get back to your prior membership level; your previous matches with the Guild still count towards the total.


  • Initiate to Member increased from 10 to 20 matches
  • Member to Vet increased from 30 to 90 matches


Are the rewards a bit more evenly spread out in the chests on the way to 99?
Yes, they are more evenly spread out. They are still better toward the end of the climb, but it's more even. For example, the last 9 chests all have 100 ICE in them, the last 8 have 1000 Glory in them. They have other rewards too, but there's no one giant payout of ICE or Glory.


Can I collect guild rewards multiple times by joining different guilds?
Yes, but there is a limit. You can only collect 20 guild chests per season, which is as many chests as exist in the climb to the top for any given guild.

As a player new to a guild are there any requirements I need to meet to open chests already available for unlock to the guild?

You must be officially in the guild to have the right to open a guild chest.


Do I have to be a guild "member" to unlock a Guild Chest, or can I be an initiate?
You do not have to be a "member" to unlock a guild chest. You just have to be an official member of the guild. We hope that's easier for players to understand.


We get this question a lot: "Will there ever be sister/allied guilds?"
It's a cool thought. Anything's possible in the future, but there are no immediate plans for this.


Will I be able to see a log of who my officers have invited or kicked?
Not at this time. We suggest your guild officers track that internally for the leader's review.


Will I be able to update the guild message? Will members be notified somehow?
Yes, you can update the message among many other admin abilities. No, there is no notification to members, but it's something we'd like to do in the future.


Do the Guild Admin changes also apply to Teams? Can we change the Team Captain? Can we change the Team name?
These are exclusively guild improvements. We recognize that the Teams feature could use some love as well, but Guilds was a higher priority.


Since you can Solo rep a guild and gain fame does that mean we will always have our Guild Tag showing?
Yes, your guild tag will always show! Go represent! :)


Do I receive Guild Chest after 5 Guild level - 1-5-10-15... and so on, or do YOU get to open a guild chest after having been in the guild for 5 levels. Example: if I join the guild at level 4, then it got to level 5, do I automatically receive the chest?
On the guild's levels, 5-10-15---etc----100. If you are in a guild and get multiple chests without opening them, they'll pile up and you open a sequence of chests.


Does the Play Time setting show the time based on player's time zone? For example: if I'm in Europe, will the displayed time be CET?
The time displayed IS your local time. That means if your guild leader sets your preferred play time as 8PM Pacific Time, that would display as 5PM Eastern Time if you lived in that time zone.

What are the parameters for the Guild's finder (the 3 Guilds suggested), will there be search settings & options?
Yes, there are filters you can set:
- Guild Type (Casual, Semi-competitive, Competitive, School or ANY).
- Minimum Skill Tier
- "Prime Time" -- the main hour you like to play
With no filters set, the algorithm will try to show you a variety of guild types.


Do the Guild Tiers still level up every 10 levels or 5? Does every 10 or 5 levels affect the Guild Crest?
Guild Tier works the same as before, except there is now a level 100. Every 5 levels gives a guild chest (5, 10, 15, ..., 100) and every 10 levels upgrades the guild Tier and Crest (10, 20, 30, ..., 100)


Does every new Guild Chest give out better loot? Or is it still based on the Guild Tier?
It's based on what level the guild achieves. At guild level 5, you get a chest, which isn't as good as the chest you'll get at levels 70, 75, 80, etc. However, rewards are more smoothly spread through these chests, with a lot of the later level chests being similar.



Will seasonal keys be able to be used to unlock these chests, or will those be lost of not used?
We wouldn't do that to you! Of course, your keys will be able to open the new Mystery Chest. Also, keys don't go away between seasons.


How many cards are there in each Mystery Chest?
5 Cards


What is the probability number for the Mystery Chest?
35% chance of getting a hero or skin.



For lane minions, just to be clear, the strength of both increase equally, right? So instead of the miners you'll want to grab candies instead to help with pushing?
Correct. Starting with 2.0, using Minion Candy is the way you can directly increase the strength of your minions for stalling and freezing and pushing. Your Crystal Miner (formerly Minion Miner) is essentially a Jungle Sentry that will help you fend off attacks on your jungle. The Crystal Miner does not impact the lane minions at all.


Am I going to receive Legendary cards based on our Sunlight level like at end of Summer Season with Krul, Saw and Kestrel?
The rewards will include Opals, Essence and Skin Cards for regular skins. Higher levels may give a Legendary.


Is there a tier initialization next season?
Your skill tier will not reset when the season changes. We hope you explore the gameplay changes and new items and utilize them to reach your highest skill tier ever in Winter season!


Is the new ULT indicator next to the health bar visible to opponents?
It is visible to you and your allies only. Enemies cannot see.


How does new Crystal Miner work, what happens when a team kills a Crystal Miner? Does it join their team? Or a new one will walk out of the spawn again after an interval? Does it affect lane minion?
We suggest you check out this video on all the 2.0 improvements, which includes a section on the Crystal Miner. The Crystal Miner starts affiliated to it's team and spawns from the Vain Crystal at 4:00 into the game, walking out into the Jungle to mine the batch of crystals there. It will always be affiliated with the team who's side it is on. It can be killed, but it cannot be captured or change sides. It does not affect the lane minions at all. It's now a jungle sentry - there to help protect you from attack in your own jungle. If it's killed, it will eventually respawn and walk out from base back to the mine. It does attack enemy heroes on sight! So it could fight for you in the lane if the enemy is pushing when the miner respawns, or even help you fight the Kraken if it get's roped into that battle while walking out, though it does 30% damage to the Kraken. 

Video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ylmrt-VSbL4

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