This article is English-oriented. Check in with your local Community Manager to find out more information about your region’s VCP.


What is the VCP? 

The VCP is a programme that allows us to support our Community of Creators in ways to help them focus on their craft and grow their audiences. It’s not just for youtubers or streamers, we welcome anything from articles to podcasts too!

Where can I find the most up-to-date information about the VCP, including the minimum requirements to be eligible?

The most up-to-date information can be found in this Dropbox folder.

What are the benefits of joining the VCP?

You get a warm fuzzy feeling knowing you’re making great content, and giving back to the Vainglory community. Each VCP system has their own set of unlockables (benefits) and tiers. You’ll work with SEMC’s community managers and the more active you are in producing great content, the more you will get rewarded. These depend on your activity and other sets of criteria that must be continuously met.

How often do applications get reviewed? 

We aim for once an update, but occasionally need to extend the time between invitations being sent out during busy periods.

I recently applied for the VCP but have not received a response. When will I know more?

If you are accepted you will receive an email with further instructions from your region’s SEMC Community Manager. We are unfortunately unable to reply to every application with why someone was, or was not, accepted due to the sheer volume of applicants we get.

I make content for several platforms, can I apply for all of them?

We usually ask that Creators apply with their main platform in mind. If you’re unsure, or use more than one equally, you can include more than one.

What if I’m offline/inactive for a long period of time? Am I able to re-enter the VCP?

Of course! Each region has different criteria to re-enter, so be sure to have a chat with your region’s lovely Community Managers.


Where do I apply?

    1. English  application
    2. South East Asia (English) application
    3. Indonesian application
    4. Spanish (EU, NA, SA) application
    5. Japanese application
    6. Vietnamese application
    7. Taiwan / Hong Kong / Macao application
    8. Turkish application
    9. Brazil/Portuguese application
    10. Korean application
    11. French application


Do you support any other types of content?

We do!


We support the Vainglory Community Meetup Programme, called Halcyon Gatherings. You can read an article about how to apply for Halcyon Gathering support here.

In addition to that, we support Tournament Organizers in various ways. Find out more and how to apply for Tournament support here.