Update 2.12 FAQ

Update 2.12 opens up 5V5 Early Access to all Golden Ticketholders, introduces an easier way to craft skins using 'blueprints,' a cleaner, more intuitive user interface, three new skins — including the extremely rare Limited Edition Golden Lance — and so much more.  You can read the full 2.12 update notes here.



Can players get 2 buffs at the same time in 5V5 (WP and CP buff from the Treants)?


How long does the buffs last?
90 seconds

Will CP buff stack with Eve of Harvest or other lifesteal?

How much is bounty gold for each Jungle monster?
It differs from camp to camp. anywhere from 20 to 160 or so.

How many CP and WP will they get after killing the treant?
15% WP 20% CP

How long is each jungle monster's respawn time?
Anywhere from 90 to 150 seconds

How do I know how many bonus sunlights I will get when three-tiered skins system is eliminated?
There are still Rare, Epic and Legendary skins, just no tiers. The sunlight bonus is based on skin rarity.

When do Blackclaw and Ghostwing respawn again after they get captured?
180 seconds after they get captured.

I like the new tutorials. Is there a way to play tutorials without making a new account?
The only way to replay the new tutorials is by creating a new account.

Why is there a Blitz Ranked?
It's the same Blitz mode as before, but since we track players Blitz Score, which is a form of ranking up, this title felt more appropriate as part of the overall app refresh.

Where can I see all the blueprints that I own?
Tap the HEROES menu then the SKINS tab. Once in the SKINS tab, you can find individual blueprints by tapping on any skin. Remember, Limited and Special Edition skins are NOT craftable.

How often will blueprints drop from quest loots?
You can read more about the math and how often blueprints will drop from quest loots in this article by firetiger.

I like the old UI better, why did you change it?
Some of us long-time Vainglory players have grown used to the structure and look of the menus in Vainglory, but we've found that for most new players coming in, it was too complicated to get around and didn't fit the level of polish and fidelity we now have with our new 5V5. So, visually, we are now trying to start pushing the in-match and out-of-match look to the same level of polish and to make it all feel like it fits in the same visual universe, and, functionally, organizing the experience so that all Vainglory players, not just the "OG's" can find their way around.

What we are releasing with 2.12 and even with 3.0 is not our final polished form. We'll continue to iterate, listen, and evolve until it's where it needs to be.

I am really not used to the free camera feature, why is that added and how can it improve gameplay? How and when do I use it exactly?
Free Camera feature gives you complete control over what you see on the Halcyon Fold and Sovereign’s Rise. Toggle it on or off right in-game for a more advanced, involved way to play. Once you tap it, your camera will unlock, giving you free access to look anywhere on the battlefield and plot your next moves.

– Free Cam will be available in all game modes, including 3v3 & 5V5
– Access the Free Cam by tapping the camera icon in the upper right (next to zoom)

You don't have to use it if you don't want to, and the existing camera offset feature also still works!

Scoreboard: By net worth, do you mean gold? Like those gold amount we are able to see in spectator mode?
Creep score calculation updated to reflect the exact number of creatures killed instead of being based on gold bounties

I do not like the color choices of the new UI, can we expect optional color themes for the UI in the future?
Thanks for the suggestion. That's not in the current plans, but it's something to think about!

If I have the ‘Golden’ Netherknight Lance (Limited Edition) skin, will I automatically get the Special Edition version when it's released?
Yes! Everyone who has a Limited Edition Golden Netherknight Lance will get the Special Edition skin automatically!

Mute annoying players - does this mean that there will be something like a black list?
It just means you can mute someone who is bothering you for the current match.

Koshka and Catherine unlocked as Tutorial steps are completed - will they replace some of the heroes that were given in Tutorial before, or they will be the additional heroes unlocked?
Koshka and Catherine unlock for NEW players as Tutorial steps are completed. This doesn't affect players who completed the tutorial prior to 2.12.

Will hero and item balance changes announced in 2.12 affect 5V5 mode only?.

All balance changes are for both 3v3 and 5V5 unless explicitly stated otherwise. For example, Fortress only has 5 wolves in 5V5, but those are the exceptions.

Thumbs up/thumbs down players in your match - only from the last played match?
For the match you were just playing, yes.

Surrender in 5V5 will requires 4 votes. If one of the players left a match, would their vote be counted as YES?