Current Known Issues 2.12

We have received reports of the following issues affecting some players in update 2.12:



  • Unable to surrender after AFK notification.
  • 'Today in Vainglory' window pops up after match. - FIXED in 2.12.1
  • Some devices encounter touch screen issues on top right of the screen. - FIXED in 2.12.1
  • Android back button doesn't exit the game.
  • Some isolated issues with the in-game chat.
  • Need to reboot Vainglory to claim Daily Quests rewards. - FIXED in 2.12.1
  • Cropped and difficult to scroll through Trophy screen page.
  • Skin count discrepancy in 'Heroes' page.
  • Unable to close some windows by tapping on 'X' in the UI [Temporary solution is to tap outside the pop-up].
  • Using emojis from keyboard in the chat will result in an error.
  • Match Type for friends under 'social' with match in progress does not differentiate between 3V3 or 5V5.
  • IGN and Rank in profile tab is overlapping on some devices.
  • Text incorrectly states that Special Edition Skins can be crafted with blueprints and essence.


  • Galaxy S8 and Note 8 may sometimes crash or freeze when a Hero is close to the Vain Crystal. - FIXED in 2.12.2
  • Ability to see opponent's Rank in VS screen.
  • Some fonts discrepancy.
  • Scout Cam sometimes missing.
  • Parts of screen, or some texts, are either cut-off or overlapping.
  • Tapping certain map areas does not result in movement. - FIXED in 2.12.2
  • Surrender text always showing in blue regardless of the surrendering side. - FIXED in 2.12.2
  • Matchmaking counter may go into negative after reaching 0.
  • Players are sometimes able to buy more than 6 items.
  • Matchmaking occasionally shows incorrect number of loading 'dots'.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused if you were affected by any of the above. Rest assured that these bugs are at the top of our priority list, and, while some of those may already be fixed, we will keep working as hard and as quickly as we can to have them fully resolved as soon as possible!


Hotfix 2.12.2 has now been released to all app stores. You can see further details on this link.