Current Known Issues 3.9

We have received reports of the following issues affecting some players in update 3.9 and are working on appropriate fixes:

  • Some eligible accounts didn't receive Contender Kensei.
  • 5V5 crashes on some lower-end devices
  • LE Badge may show in duplicate on the loading screen
  • Some LE skin may not show in the BAG (but are still owned in the account and can be selected for matches)
  • 'Ghost' duplicate Blueprints show up in Inventory
  • Krul's A ability removes target focus
  • Blackfeather's maxed Feint of Heart execute damage shows 15% instead of 25%
  • Pulseweave passive still deals damage after hero's death
  • Graphical issues/crashes on some Android devices (try changing Quality settings to "low" if you are experiencing these) - Planned fix in 3.9.2
  • Chat issues - Planned fix in 3.9.2
  • Some Heroes may sometimes have a (totally unplanned) extra ability making them 'invisible' in matches - Planned fix in 3.9.2

We apologize for any inconvenience caused if you were affected by any of the above. Rest assured that these bugs are at the top of our priority list, and, while some of those may already be fixed, we will keep working as hard and as quickly as we can to have them fully resolved as soon as possible!

Hotfix 3.9.1 has now been released to all app stores. Check in your platform's app stores, or stay tuned on our Twitter Status for potential following optional updates (we are currently working on 3.9.2).