How do I get my ‘Founding 5V5’ player badge?

Play during the first-ever Vainglory 5V5 updateUpdate 3.0 — to automatically receive the 'Founding 5V5' Loading Screen badge next update (3.1). Note: You must play at least one 5V5 match to get the badge.


But I thought this badge was exclusive to people who pre-registered?

When we look back one year, three years, five years from now, we’ll remember Update 3.0 as the historic update when we released Vainglory 5V5 to the world. We want to honor all the players who participate in this milestone with a special badge, where every “OG” player can claim their little piece of Vainglory history and show it off before each match.

This is an exclusive badge that will not be made available again; the only way to get it is by playing during Update 3.0. We are specifically notifying pre-registrants via email on how to get the badge through play to ensure all the pre-registrants get the badge mentioned during signup. Many of those who pre-registered did so with emails that are not associated with their Vainglory player account, and some players pre-registered multiple times, both of which are issues that could prevent pre-registrants from properly getting their badge or getting it in a timely manner. To mitigate this, we’re using actual play in 5V5 mode as the trigger for the badge, so that’s it’s super easy for pre-registrants to get their badge now. Thanks to all those who pre-registered for your support during a massively successful Vainglory 5V5 launch.