Current Known Issues 3.1

We have received reports of the following issues affecting some players in update 3.1:


  • The pool under GoldOak missing in ‘medium’ graphic settings.
  • Players not meeting the Ranked 5V5 requirements are able to tap ‘Play’ and get stuck.
  • Vision in jungle is sometimes limited so that players cannot see the jungle monster when it is next to you.
  • Unpredictable Turret behaviour attacking enemy minions that are out of range.
  • LE Skins showing in Market
  • Joule, Churnwalker can become stuck mid air
  • Tutorial Step 3 UI freezes and contains overlapping voice over.
  • Scoreboard prompts multiple times after matches. - FIXED
  • Tony's taunt animation replaced with his B (come at me) animation.
  • Carnivore Grumpjaw skin unlocked, but cannot use it in matches - FIXED
  • Lobby chat has no cooldown on the ‘x wants to ban x’ message.
  • Some players are listed as T4 instead of ‘Unranked’ before playing their first Ranked 5V5 match. FIXED

 You may also want to read our comprehensive 3.1 FAQ which you can find here.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused if you were affected by any of the above issues. Found a bug not listed? Get in touch!