Spring Season Ardan Skin

How to win

Reach Credible Threat (Bronze) before the end of of the Spring Season to win an upcoming Ardan skin

How the receive reward

The Ardan skin will be included with the rest of your end-of-season rewards


Is this skin only obtainable from the end of season rewards?
Currently we want this to be something to exclusively reward players who are on their journey to Vainglorious our competitive modes. Of course, we reserve the right to change this, but our vision is to make this something players need to work for. We will probably want to make players work harder to earn this should we decide to make it available again.

What if my rank drops after I reach Credible Threat?
No problem; once you reach the required rank you will get the skin, even if your rank drops during the Spring Season!

What if I was Credible Threat for the Spring Season before the skin was announced?

We are looking for the highest rank for the Spring Season, so you are qualified to get the skin.

What if I reach Credible Threat for 3v3 or 5v5, but not the other?
Again, you’re still good! Just reach Credible Threat (Bronze) for either and you will qualify!