In Update 3.3, slice through enemies as the swordmaster, Kensei,  and give joystick and voice chat a try in Early Access. You can read the full 3.3 update notes here.


What happens with Kensei's heroic perk if I attack different enemies - how much barrier do I get?

Kensei generates stacks by attacking enemy heroes or jungle monsters. Once enough stacks are obtained, Kensei's next basic attack deals bonus damage and grants a burst of barrier. The strength of the barrier gained is dependent on target. Attacking heroes will generate a stronger barrier.

Where are the new skins for this update?

Keep your eyes peeled!


What do you mean the 'Early Access' for Joystick? Does it mean I need to apply for using it?

What do you mean the 'Early Access' for Joystick? Does it mean I need to apply for using it? "No application required. Joystick controls will be available for everyone to try out in Update 3.3. Early Access simply means that the feature is not in a finalized state. While joystick controls will be available for everyone to experience, things may not work exactly as intended. You may encounter bugs or find that joystick is just not your thing. There’s plenty that might not be quite right yet and that’s fine. If you’re not feelin’ it, switch back to touch controls at anytime in game. 

How do I activate Joystick functionality?

While in a match of any mode, look for a Gear icon next to the Free Camera and Zoom button, tap on it, then choose 'Joystick Control'. To go back to Touch control, simply tap on the Gear icon again and select 'Touch Control'.

Why did you introduce joystick control? You always said that Vainglory is better because of the touchscreen control.

When Super Evil Megacorp first began its mission to bring exciting and compelling mobile gaming experiences to the next generation of touch gamers, we had choice words about our competitor's control schemes: That statement stands. We still wholeheartedly believe that tap controls are the quintessential experience for Vainglory; however, at the end of the day, it's more important that you have complete control over your own destiny, which is why soon, Vainglory's industry-leading touch control system won't be the only way to enjoy your favorite mobile MOBA.

Will you ever take away touchscreen control in the future?

No. Touch controls are here to stay.

Will future heroes / items designs be more joystick-friendly or touchscreen-friendly?

No. We will accommodate the form factor to accommodate the design.

I enjoy the joystick control, but I like to mix it up with touchscreen twists, will you ever release a hybrid option?

A hybrid is not planned at this time.

Once the Joystick control is released, what are you going to do to the eSport and Tournament? Will you allow the two control systems to be used at the same time in one competition?

Both will be allowed.

Is the external game pad supported for joystick control?

External game pad is not supported at this time.


My friend can use voice chat but I can't see the option, why?

In-game voice chat will be available to a smaller group of players in 3.3, as we polish and finalize this feature for wide release. Voice chat will be available to pre-made parties of any size with at least one supporter during Early Access. 

Is voice chat going to be limited to Party after early access? Or solo players can use it too?

Voice chat will be available to pre-made parties of any size. There are no plans to allow non-partied players to use it at this time.

Will Voice Chat be implemented to all game modes after Early Access?

Voice chat is available anywhere you can go with a party.

How do I report player for abusing voice chat?

You will have the option to mute anyone in your party chat at any time.