I couldn't collect my rewards from the Spring Battle pass. Is there any way you could credit them to my account?

Unfortunately, once the season is over, your old Battle Pass is gone, along with its rewards. We cannot send you back your rewards or manually credit them as they have to be claimed during the season your Battle Pass is valid for.

Is the new recall system game-mode specific? For example, if I hit Credible Threat in 5V5 mode, do you unlock the teleport effect for use in 5V5 and 3V3 modes or just 5V5? 

Your best rank from either 3V3 or 5V5 will be applied in all game modes during the season they are unlocked in.

Can we use the unlocked Rank Recall after Summer Season too?

No. Recalls are seasonal. You must get to the required rank every season to unlock them again.

Will you at least allow one "free pass" a day for dodging, or allow some sort of grace period? 

No. There is no free pass for dodging.

On Capacitor Plate, what does 'Passive: Your heals and barriers are 20% stronger' mean? Is it similar to Ozo's Carnie Luck perk, where you get bonus healing from all sources? Or does it mean your healing + barrier toward allies are up 20%?

Your heals and barriers, whether they affect yourself or others, are stronger; this means that heals from outside sources who don’t have Capacitor Plate are unaffected

For the Skaarf Bengal skin, do I have to reach Level 50 with my Battle pass to unlock the skin?

Yes, you must own Battle Pass 2 (Summer season) and rank your Sundial to level 50 to unlock 'Rainbow Bengal' Skaarf.

Why did you remove 'Echo'?

“This was a tough decision, but at the end of the day we believe it was the right one. Echo is being removed because it was limiting design and balance choices. Behind the scenes, there are several abilities that were never implemented since they were considered too powerful when paired with Echo.

Additionally, Echo forced us to balance entire heroes, such as Catherine and Grace, around its existence. Catherine, for example, had a much longer silence duration that, when paired with Echo, led to a lack of counter play and frustrating gameplay experiences for players. With Echo’s removal we can now balance around heroes instead of an item that players weren’t picking up.”Nivmett

Can I claim my End-of-Spring-Season rewards after 3.4?

No. You need to claim your rewards during Update 3.4.

My sound options disappeared, halp! 

Don't worry, they're not actually gone, they just found a better place to go to. See this link to find them back.