Cross Platform play - Mac and Windows Alpha build - 4.2 Update

That's right! We now have cross platform play in Vainglory; meaning you can install Vainglory on your Windows PC or Mac and play with other Vainglorians on mobile devices.
The Windows and Mac clients are only in Alpha at the moment, so we still have a lot more work to do on them - text input support, preference settings, UI improvements and custom key bindings, bug fixes, and control input tuning are all in progress.

Where can I find the Mac and Windows clients?

You can download the latest Windows client here and the Mac client here.

These are not yet signed builds, so you may have to alter the security settings on your PC / Mac to allow for installation.

We have some guides to help the installation process go more smoothly too:

You can also install Vainglory through Steam, and the Steam client will keep the app up-to-date for you.

As this is an Alpha build, are there any known issues?

Yes; you can find a Trello board of known issues here.

What if I find a bug, how can I report that to you?

Please create a support ticket or send details here -

I have some ideas and suggestions.

That's great! You can send them to us here.
If you'd like to talk more about the PC and Mac clients, you can also jump on Discord here.

How do I move my Hero with the mouse?
Right-click will move your Hero. It's also best to use an external mouse if playing on a laptop/notebook.

How do I make Vainglory fullscreen?

  • Make Vainglory full screen by using the menu option on Mac (not the green button!)
    NOTE: Text input on Mac doesn’t work when in full screen (we’re working on a fix!)
  • To make Vainglory full screen on Windows, press Alt+Enter (Not the maximize button!)